Sia singing live on SNL

Hello and hi. If you read my blog, you probably know that I am a big fan of Florence and the Machine, but I am also a massive fan of Sia. Love this goddess from Australia. I had posted a video of her singing Chandelier not too long ago. Again, am posting her singing Chandelier-but this time, live, on SNL (Saturday Night Live). SNL is a wildly popular-terrific-jaw achingly funny comedy sketch show in New York and it airs on Thursdays. I kid. It airs on Saturday, hence the name.

I often think that the true mark of an artist, is whether or not s/he can sing well, live. And Sia can. Yes. Yes, she can. Below is Sia singing live. I suspect that if you are anything like me (and I hope you are) you will find the mime in the video distracting, disturbing, troubling and odd. I mean, what is it with these people? Use your words, mate. Anyway, try your best to ignore the mime and listen to Sia’s dulcet tones. Her voice is AMAZING and will take you to a faraway place in your mind that you did not even know existed. That being said, I hope you like Sia and this particular song as much as I do. Yup.




  1. Phil Taylor · January 8

    I’ve never heard of Sia. Thanks Sam!

    • samdfb1 · January 8

      Welcome Phil! Aww she is great! She writes loads of songs for other people. She never ever shows her face. She wants a little privacy…fair enough. Check her out on YouTube with James Corden on the late show doing ‘carpool karoyke’…it is brilliant! 😉

      • Phil Taylor · January 8

        I do enjoy a good carpool karaoke

      • samdfb1 · January 8

        Ditto! 😉

  2. samdfb1 · January 8

    Sorry! My spelling is terrible. Snd there is no spell check on wordpress…or is there?

  3. samdfb1 · January 8


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