A Boorish Bookseller in North Yorkshire

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Image: The Great British Mag

Hello and hi. I live in the South of England. This simply means that I rarely travel to the North of England. It is simply not safe for me there. And besides, I can’t even with Northerners. I know, I know-this is quite mean of me-but just know, that I am not alone in this way of thinking. And sure, not ALL people from up North are bad people. In fact, I think they are probably some perfectly nice, hardworking and respectable people living up North. Allegedly.

Oh and please know that we have this North South divide back home in America. So, I hail from the Eastern Seaboard-technically, I am from the North. I rarely travel to the South. I mean, those Southerners can be a bit too much for me. Oh and they still fly the Confederate flag (which is pretty racist) and they marry their cousins and smoke corn cob pipes. Again, massive generalisation but mostly accurate. Yes. Yes, it is.

Image result for image of British northerner and southerner


All that aside, this is what happened in the North of England…

A bookseller in West Yorkshire has been dubbed: Britain’s grumpiest shopkeeper. Yikes. That is some title to hold. In fact, Steve Bloom is being called the ‘Basil Fawlty of booksellers.’ If you do not know who Basil Fawlty is, then it is entirely possible we can’t be friends. Pictured bellowed is Basil Fawlty…to jog your memory. You don’t recognise him? Kindly jog on. I kid.

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Bookseller, Bloom, has come under fire recently for charging customers 50pence just to walk through his shop and have a little browse. Good grief. What on earth? One shocked customer (not me) was even called by Bloom “a pain in the arse” for not paying the fee. Can you imagine? Oh Mr. Bloom would have called me a lot worse had I not agreed to pay his silly fee-but like I said, I rarely visit the North. So, ‘it is all good…in the hood’-as they say back home in the US.

Further, Bloom added that while he has stuck by his policy of asking 50p from customers-the reality is that he does not actually take the money. Wait. What? Then why state that you have a policy to do so? This makes no sense. You say one thing-then do another? Goodness me, he is like mini Donald Trump. Uggh.  Bloom also added, ” The 50p charge is me making sure they are serious about coming into my shop to buy something, not just standing for 10 minutes reading a book to pass the time as some people do.” Erm…what? Who does Bloom think he is? I will tell you. He is a blooming idiot. Honestly. I can’t even with this chap.

Pictured below is a 50pence coin for my non-Brit readers.

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According to The Mirror, the Hawes Parish Council in North Yorks has received more than 20 complaints about the owner of the Bloomindales book store. One such complaint came from Lt Colonel (Retired) DJ Walker (MBE) who wrote to the council saying: “I had been in the shop two or three minutes when a little man appeared out of nowhere and without any form of salutation snapped: ‘Have you bought books here before? If not you need to pay 50 pence which is refundable if you buy something…I looked at my wife, placed the book back on the shelf and walked out.” He ended by saying:”I am sure a lesser mortal would have paid up without giving the matter a second thought.” Well, I think you did the right thing sir, I would have walked out too (while ‘accidentally’ knocking a few books off of Bloom’s hallowed shelves).

In closing, it is not just about the 50p charge, Bloom is just plain rude to his customers. No one has time for rudeness. Especially not me.  Oh well, there are plenty of other bookshops around town which probably DO NOT charge a fee to browse. Yes. Yes, there are. Pictured below is the infamous Mr. Bloom.

                                                                                                            Image: The Mirror, Photo by Glenn Minikin

Like  I said, it is crazy up North. That is all.



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