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Hello and hi. It has been quite some time since I last wrote on BREXIT. *Collective exhale among my readers/followers, in massive relief of no BREXIT posts as of late.* Well, I am back writing about BREXIT. Yes. Yes, I am. Back in June the UK had a pretty historic vote regarding leaving the EU or remaining within the confines of the shackles of EU directives et al. The vote itself, had a pretty high turnout with 72% of the population voting. To recap, Brits chose to leave the EU with a margin of 52% to 48% (the difference was 1.3m votes). It was pretty close and not a hanging chad in sight. Nope.
The next morning, while consuming a collective cup of Assam tea, the Nation found out that the people had voted to leave the EU. Later, an online petition gained momentum and received nearly 2.7 million signatures.  You see, people wanted recast their vote. They were hoping for a different, more favourable outcome. An outcome which would confirm Britain’s place safely within the EU among the other other EU members. But nothing came of it. Nope.
Image result for image of brexit meme
Image result for image of brexit meme
So now here we are, 6 months on and loads of happened as a result of the BREXIT vote.  The value of the pound fell in a major way-plus, the UK government did not seem to have a clear plan about actually leaving the EU. Maybe they did-but nobody told the British public. We were simply told: watch this space for the end of March…we got this and will be triggering Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty which will subsequently light the way, in leaving the EU. Then…Gina Miller happened and Theresa May’s timetable to trigger Article 50 got put on ice-it got put on hold. Yes. Yes, it did.
CNN/ComRes Poll
Now, 6 months later, CNN/ComRes conducted a poll regarding this issue and ComRes chairman Andrew Hawkins said:” The British public have spoken and it was to leave the EU.” Very true Andrew, I mean…duh. He later added: “This poll should serve as a warning to Remain campaigners who want to force a second referendum that the clock cannot be turned back without risking a huge public backlash. Most of the public think the June result should stand and even some 17% of those who believe their personal finances will worsen post-Brexit would still vote to Leave,”
The polls suggested that the British voted with their hearts and not their wallets-as only a quarter of them said that they thought they would be personally better off financially as  a result of Brexit. Nearly half, by contrast, said that they personally expected to be WORSE off financially as a result of Brexit. The other third of respondents said they didn’t know, according to the poll. But then surprisingly, nearly half of the British public said they expected the country’s long-term economic prospects to be better outside the European bloc and just over one in three said they expected the country to be worse off-while the remaining 16% did not know. So there you go….yellow and blue make green. Oh and there was more to the poll which indicated that:
  • More than 55% of people who responded to the poll said that they expected immigration to decrease, when the country leaves the EU.
  • 1 in 3 said that they did not expect BREXIT to affect immigration-and 13% said they did not know
  • The poll also revealed differences between the old and the young-with younger peeps more likely to support remaining in the UK-and more likely to think leaving will hurt their economic prospects
  • Only 16% of people aged 18-24 supported LEAVE-while 62% over voters 65 or older did
  • 61% of young people said BREXIT would make them personally worse off financially-while only 38% of the oldest respondents believed that-according to the poll
The poll revealed clear differences between the old and the young, with younger people more likely to support remaining in the European Union, and more likely to think leaving will hurt their economic prospects. Only 16% of people aged 18 to 24 supported Leave, while 62% over voters 65 or older did. And 61% of young people said Brexit would make them personally worse off financially, while only 38% of the oldest respondents believed that.
In closing, just over half of the respondents indicated that the UK should NOT have a second referendum once the terms of a British exit (BREXIT) are clear. About a third said there should be a second referendum. Fools. The other 13% said they did not know-and all they wanted was a nice cup of tea and to have a lie down in a dark room-as all this talk about BREXIT was ‘doing their head in’ (giving them a headache).
So, there you go-6 months post-BREXIT and the British public has voted but still remains in the EU…for now. But soon we will make a hasty escape. Yes. Yes we will. One last thing-I bet this will NOT my last post on BREXIT. Did I say ‘bet’? Yup. This leads nicely into my next blog post on the bookmaker, William Hill-who founded the company in 1934, when betting was illegal in Britain. So…be sure to check out my next post on William Hill. The odds are…you will like it. Yes. Yes, you will That is all.


  1. Doctor Jonathan · December 19

    The political systems on both sides of the pond are amusing. We have elections and the casting of votes only to find the “LOSER’S searching for loopholes to prevent the people’s votes from counting. These political institutions better be careful to avoid true anarchy.

  2. waternymph88 · December 20

    Hopefully it just won’t happen?

    • samdfb1 · December 21

      I live in hope it doesn’t, mate! 😉

  3. waternymph88 · December 20

    I love your Brexit posts anyway xxx

    • samdfb1 · December 21

      Ahh thanks! How was the office Christmas party? Did you dance on the desks of your colleagues? Hope so! 🙂

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