A ‘cure’ for the common cold (yes, really)

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Hello and hi. If you are anything like me (and I hope you are) you have probably caught a cold this season. You have-haven’t you? I feel you. I have a cold right now and I can tell you this…I am less than my normal funny, inquisitive, sarcastic, snarky, demanding brogue-wearing self. Plus, my eyes are watery, my throat is all scratchy and I have been sneezing so much that if sneezing were an Olympic sport- I would have received a Gold medal. Yup.

When I told my Dad that I had a cold, he told me to go and eat chicken soup. He knows I am a vegetarian-so, that was no help to me at all. When I told my Mother I had a cold-she told me ‘Sorry to hear. Just don’t die.’ Gee thanks, Ma. So, armed with useless information from my ‘rents’ I had to cure my cold myself. And I did. Here is what I did. Erm..you better get a pen and write this down. You can thank me later. Ready? Ok, let’s do this.

The ‘cure’ to the common cold is to drink a moderate amount of Drambuie. Seriously people, it works. Drambuie is a sweet, golden coloured 40% ABV liqueur made from scotch whiskey, honey, herbs and spices. Essentially, it is a gift from the gods and is proof that Jesus loves us. Yes. Yes, it is.  Actually, the brand had been owned by the MacKinnon family for approximately 100 years but was bought by William Grant & Sons in 2014. It has been produced under contract at the Morrison Bowmore Distillers facility at Springburn Bond, Glasgow since 2014.

The name ‘Drambuie’ is possibly derived from a contraction of the Scottish Gaelic phrase: an dram buidheach -which means: ‘the drink that satisfies’. I could be wrong seeing that my Scottish Gaelic is a bit rusty. Yes. Yes, it is. Anyway, Drambuie was first commercially produced in Union Street in Edinburgh in 1910-and only 12 cases were originally sold. In 1916, Drambuie became the FIRST liqueur to be allowed in the cellars of the House of Lords. Later, Drambuie was shipped to British soldiers around the world. Truth.

So, if Drambuie is good enough for The House of Lords and British soldiers then it is good enough for me. Actually, my cold is practically gone. Nevermind I can’t feel my teeth and I have double vision….what is important, is that my cold has magically vanished. Yay. Thank you Drambuie.

Image result for image of drambuie

Image result for image of drambuie


So, there you go-there is the ‘cure’ to the common cold. But seriously, if you DO have a cold you should probably try to get plenty of rest and drink warm liquids as there is no cure for the common cold. Oh and wash your hands and take warm baths too. And if that fails, take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning! Hiccup.





  1. Meg Sorick · December 15

    I love this idea! Drambuie it is!

  2. waternymph88 · December 18

    Have a cold too and drink anymore waaaaah 😫🤧🤕

    • samdfb1 · December 18

      Yikes. Boo. Hot water, lemon and honey for you, mate!

  3. waternymph88 · December 18

    Don’t drink anymore I mean. Damn autocorrect! Xxx

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