Merkel and May: Relationship Goals

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 Image: BBC website

Hello and hi. Approximately a month ago, Prime Minister Theresa May met formally and officially with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. You see our PM May, was in Germany along with a host of other EU leaders-they were there for their very last ‘meet and greet’ with outgoing US President Barack Obama. So of course, while there, it would have been pretty inappropriate to speak about BREXIT. So, of course no one mentioned it. My sources tell me that German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble was practically chomping at the bit to speak to Prime Minister Theresa May about BREXIT- but he really had to stop himself. He did so by smiling in a genteel sort of way and spoke to May about the weather and how The Bank of England was founded by a Scotsman in 1694 but then amazingly, the Bank of Scotland was founded by an Englishman just 1 year later! Everyone was pretty amazed but relieved that Wolfgang did not bring up the topic of BREXIT with our Theresa May. No. No, he did not. Of course Theresa May knew all that stuff already. I mean, she is PM. She knows loads.

So, Merkel and May. What can I say? It is still early days for these formidable leaders but I remain eternally hopeful. I seriously doubt there will be late night chats, shopping trips, doing each other’s nails or the lending of clothes, scarves and earrings. But it could happen. Anything could happen. I mean, loads of stuff has happened that no one  thought would. For example, there is a man-sized Cheeto who is now President-elect. Yes. Yes, there is. I heart Cheetos. (Dad, if you reading this, please send me some as they don’t make them here. That would be great, thanks).

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Anyway, as for Merkel and May-I think they will have a solid and productive relationship in equal measure. Merkel of course is deeply concerned about the impact of BREXIT and its subsequent ramifications. And the same goes for May as well. And I believe that Merkel will give her the time and space needed to accomplish a relatively stress-free post-BREXIT period. That being said, I think both women will get along famously-maybe not BFF’s but maybe, just maybe.  Ahh, BTW the term ‘relationship goals’ is slang for/meant to describe:

When 2 people are in a relationship and they are the envy of others. It is usually a celebrity couple. They can be dating, friends or married. Think: Beyoncé and JayZ. Knowledge is power, people. That is all.

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