India v England (cricket)

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Hello and hi. Am assuming you know a little about cricket. No? Well today you are going to learn. Yes. Yes, you are. I have previously blogged about cricket. I am by no means a cricket expert. I do not play cricket. But I do watch it on TV and I have seen it played many, many times at The Oval, Lords and other places-too many to list. Erm…ok I have mostly watched it on the telly. Out of duress. There was nothing on. I had no choice. I was forced. I think you get the point.  That being said, this is what happened in the world of English cricket.

England recently lost to India in Test Cricket. England played well but India played better. In honest, gut-wrenching defeat, England Captain Alaistar Cook remarked, post-defeat, ‘credit to India.’  Yes. Yes, indeed. If Cook was American, he would have said something like: ‘good job!’ or ‘congrats’-that is called being a good loser (if there is such a thing) but seeing that he is English he said ‘credit to India.’ India is kind of having a cash crisis right now-Prime Minister Modi is making it difficult for people to withdraw money from ATM’s. This means that Indian people really ARE using credit instead of cash. But, I digress.

So, England lost to India. Bad. How bad? Really bad. In my lay opinion there were a couple of reasons for this. Saturn was in Mercury. The Winter Soltice is nearly upon us. And the price of gold is at an all time low.  While these are potentially credible reasons why England lost, the main reason had to do with the condition of the pitch. You see, the pitch conditions in India actually favour spin bowling and the batsmen that can handle that type of bowling (spin). So, the reason was the pitch.  Even England Ex-Captain Michael Vaughan agreed and was quoted as saying, ‘India are a better team in these conditions. Even if England played an extra batsman, they’d probably lose.’ Yikes. The truth hurts. Vaughan referenced the conditions…he was referring to the pitch. Yes. Yes, he was.  Here is Michael Vaughan pictured below.

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                                                        Image: Sports Journalists Association

 Image result for image of michael vaughan playing cricket
So, I can’t solely blame the pitch. England lost well and proper-as other things were involved. In brief, their batting collapsed and they were simply outclassed by India. Both Root and Anderson indicated that they were wrong to choose 4 paceman and only 2 spinners on a pitch that assisted the slow bowlers more than any other in the series. If you have no idea what I have just said, don’t worry….because at the end of the day, yellow and blue make green.
But England had limited options. Off-spinner, Gareth Batty had a pretty poor third Test. Left-arm spinner Liam Dawson is uncapped and batsmen Gary Ballance and Ben Ducket are out of form. After winning the toss, England found themselves 220-2 but lost 8 wickets after 180 runs. It was pretty devastating. Further, the chosen spinners-who are Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali were pretty disappointing. Well, we all have bad days. Then England missed chances off Kohli, Vijay and Yadav-who made a double century and two hundreds between them as India racked up a massive 631.
Look here, England played badly and this was echoed by Ex-England caption, Michael Vaughan who said: England’s spinners aren’t as good as India’s, but England’s batting hasn’t been good enough either. They don’t have the patience to bat long enough, to play low-risk strokes. They have lots of boundary options, but not enough in terms of defence. Every time England are putting a partnership together, there’s a lot of risk. England have been hammered. You can make up excuses, to say that Virat Kohli is only good in theses conditions, but that is nonsense.


So, to sum it up, this happened:

  • England 400& 195: Ashwin 6-55, Root 77
  • India 631:Kohli 235, Vijay 136, J Yadav 104
  • India win by an innings and 36 runs

So, that’s it. Like Captain Cookie said, “credit to India” …as for me, I say: ‘Well played, chaps. Now- you must NOT gloat. That would be bad. You won fair and square. Just don’t gloat about it. Nobody likes a gloater. It is just not cricket. No. No, it is not. That is all .

India Cricket Team pictured below:

Image result for image of India cricket team





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