The PM’s leather trousers

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Hello and hi. The Prime Minister was recently seen wearing a pair of leather trousers. My American friends: we do not say ‘pants’ here in the UK-as ‘pants’ refers to underwear. If I were to say: The PM was recently seen wearing a pair of leather pants…well, that would be an entirely different type of post. Please note that this is family-friendly blog. My parents read this blog, so I try to keep it clean. Yes. Yes, I do. That being said, our Theresa May recently wore a pair of leather trousers, and she paid £995 for them. And guess what happened next? She was criticised. And guess by whom? A WOMAN. Good grief. I would like to add that when our David Cameron was PM no one really cared about what he wore or how he wore it.

So, yeah. It was a slow news day and the news of the day was our PM’s trousers. Look here, our current PM is well known for her love of shoes. In fact, she once met the Queen wearing a pair of over-the-knee leather boots. Yes Theresa, give it. She likes to look nice and that is nice. Who can fault her for that? Not me. Really now, those boots of hers ‘give me LIFE!’ Translation: they are pretty fab. Yes. Yes, they are.

Image result for image of theresa may wearing boots                                                                                                                                              Image: The Telegraph

So, we Brits know all about her love for shoes. Slowclap. But now we also know that our Theresa likes her leather trousers too. A bit steep in terms of the price-but you know what? If you can afford it…I say go for it. I mean, when I get my Mulberry boots which costs the earth-you better believe that I am going to wear them pretty much all day every day. But I digress.

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So, our Theresa wore her leather trousers and she totally rocked it. End of story. But then,  MP Nicky Morgan criticised her. Oh no she didn’t….oh yes she did. Erm…if I were going to ‘attack’ the PM, you better believe it would be about economic policy, Tata steel or the rise in Council Tax we will all no doubt be subjected to in 2017. Frankly, I do not have the time or inclination to attack the PM on her choice of trousers (or shoes). No. No, I do not.

Last week she laid into the Prime Minister after Mrs May wore designer leather trousers worth £995 for a magazine photo-shoot, suggesting it would not go down well with her constituents ‘in Loughborough market’Image: The Daily Mail

Above is our PM, looking relaxed. Big up to her. The picture was for a photo shoot-please note, that she does not run the country wearing these leather trousers. Nope. Anyway, loads of people noticed. Some quietly discussed her leather trousers over a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Some went out and bought themselves a similar pair of chocolate-coloured trousers. But then, some people decided to openly criticise our PM. Enter Nicky Morgan. Oh Nicky, how could you?

MP Nicky Morgan is called ‘Mrs U-turn’ for her flip flop decisions made,  while she was the education secretary. Her previous roles included:

  • Minister for Women and Equalities
  • Economic Secretary to the Treasury
  • Assistant whip to the Coalition government
  • Financial Secretary to the Treasury oh and she…
  • studied jurisprudence at St. Hughs College, Oxford. (Of course she went to Oxford.)
  • Her current role is MP for Longborough

So anyway, she is not exactly a dim-witted person. But sometimes smart people say dumb things. Yup. So, apparently at a cabinet meeting last week, our Nicky made a remark about Theresa’s trousers. Something to the effect of how May’s recent photo shoot with her chocolate-coloured leather trousers would not go down very well with Mogan’s constituents. Good grief. They don’t have to wear them. So, JOG ON Longborough constituents and take your MP with you. Morgan said that the PM’s trousers had been noticed and discussed by her constituents. She also added that she had NEVER spent that amount of money on anything…other than her wedding dress. Yawn. Did anyone ask? More importantly, does anyone care about how much Nicky Morgan spent on her wedding dress? Not me. Not at all.

Well apparently, our PM was none too pleased with Morgan’s comments. My sources tell me that she bristled, glowered in anger and even levitated. Yup. Then she calmed down and banned Nicky Morgan from the said cabinet meeting. Honestly. But then guess who was later spotted with a £995 oxblood brown leather MULBERRY bag after trouser-gate? Our Nicky was. My goodness. Kettle meet pot. Eat crow much, love?  Oh dear. Morgan’s people were quick to respond that the handbag was a gift and that Morgan had had it for 12 years. Well, I do think she should at least be commended for having a handbag for 12 years. There’s the silver lining to this story.

Nicky Morgan was under attack last night for criticising Theresa May over her expensive taste in trousers – despite having a £950 handbag herself

A gift? This is a gift? I hope she did not look that gift horse in the mouth-I hear that is highly discouraged. Yes. Yes, it is.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries responded to the incident by saying: “It is clear that Nicky Morgan was looking for a reason to attack the Prime Minister rather than making a genuine criticism. I think it shows Nicky Morgan’s comments were sexist, because she never criticised David Cameron’s extremely expensive suits.” Yes, well said Nadine.

What else can I say? Not much. But I will say this, I deplore sexism in any way, shape or form. But when another woman is sexist towards another woman -I think that is pretty horrible. I mean, we are ALL on the same team. We need to support each other, not tear each other down. As for you Nicky Morgan, behave yourself. Please and thanks. That is all.




  1. Joyce Belfort · December 14

    Both girls sounded petty 😂😂😂

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