Bodacious BREXIT (or not)

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Hello and hi. Today is the 4th and final day in which the UK Supreme Court will hear about whether or not Parliament is to be consulted before triggering Article 50, and thus, commencing the Brexit process, which is opaquely set out in Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty. That being said, I am assuming you are well and truly familiar with Brexit-or we simply can’t be friends-sorry (not sorry). However, here is a summary of what is going down:

  • Today is the final day of the Supreme Court hearing, with a Judgement expected in January
  • The UK Government is appealing to the Supreme Court-saying it does not need MP’s approval to trigger Brexit
  • On Wednesday (yesterday) MPs backed Labour’s call for a Brexit plan to be outlined before Article 50 is triggered
  • MPs also voted to “respect” the government’s timetable for leaving the EU

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So, that’s it. That is all you need to know. Like I said, there will be a decision made/Judgement in January. Guess what that means? More posts on Brexit, people. I urge you to hang in there-REMAIN with me and kindly continue to read my posts. Cheah! See what I did there? If you did not get the reference I simply was referring to the process in voting for the referendum last Summer-there were essentially 2 camps: Leave and Remain-meaning vote to LEAVE the EU or vote to REMAIN in the EU. The British people voted to LEAVE…see EU later.

Until next time, people. That is all.








  1. Doctor Jonathan · December 8

    The Brexit “frenzy” is becoming a global phenomenon. So many fear it; I believe it creates a necessary temporary state of flux. It forces people to THINK and CHALLENGE ineffective “stability” in favor of growth and new direction. It is also part of a “normal” cycle. We live in a dynamic world that requires change to address developing issues. At the “end of the day” even this “dramatic” change eventually falls into a cyclical pattern that leads to the need for future change.
    We are an interesting people. We seem to forget our historical patterns of change and FALSELY believe that current day trends are somehow unique and different. For example, when the next BEAR market strikes, a segment of the population will pull their money AFTER the market loses significant value and will reinvest it when the market reaches new highs. Even though people can recite, “buy low, sell high,” they can’t seem to apply the strategy.

    • samdfb1 · December 8

      Great comment Dr. Jonathan. We are indeed interesting people and we live in interesting times. Although I am not sure if that is necessarily good or bad. Brexit is now largely ignored by the Brits- as people want to just get on with their lives. As for me, I find it deeply interesting- hence the 433 posts on this topic. Ok not quite 433 but close!

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