Meet Lance Bombadier Megan Beveridge


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Meet Lance Bombadier Megan Beveridge. Oh, you have not heard of her? Allow me. She is a BOSS. Our Megan is a member of the 19th Regiment Royal Artillery, The Scottish Gunners. Like, I said she is a BOSS and one who plays the bagpipes-in fact, she was the British Army’s FIRST regular female lone bagpiper. Please read that sentence again. I actually like the sound the bagpipes make. It makes me stop dead in my tracks and it takes me to a faraway place in my mind. To me, the noise which emanates from a bagpipe is simple and sublime in equal measure. I do realise that most people actually hate the noise of a bagpipe-and that is perfectly ok. Someone once told me that the sound of a bagpipe (to them) sounded like a chicken being strangled. What a horrible image/auditory reference. What kind of person says this? I guess it is someone who knows what the sound of a strangled chicken sounds like…one that is currently being strangled. Uggh. Good grief. That being said, I have enclosed a brief clip of our Megan playing the pipes. Mind, her accent may be a bit difficult to understand (it certainly was for me) so, be patient and turn up the volume. Do it. Do it now. Please and thanks.




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