Robbie Williams/Love my life

Image result for image of robbie williams                                                                                                                                        Image: Huffington Post UK

Hello and hi. Our Robbie Williams has a new album out. Yay. I just heart this guy. I must admit, I had never heard of him before I moved to the UK. One day, in casual conversation I asked who this Robbie Williams was-in which everyone was waxing lyrical about. The room fell quiet and people averted their eyes and shuffled their feet nervously. One person even said that they had to go home and feed their cat. Well, after that-I made sure I knew exactly who Robbie Williams was. He is a pretty big deal here in the UK.

I actually had a chance meeting with our Robbie Williams a few months ago. When I saw him, my mouth went dry and I felt dizzy in my head. I also lost the ability to speak-I had no words. None. But seeing that I was at work, I had to act like I had a modicum of sense about me. So, I had to act normal and pretend to be mildly interested, albeit, aloof when I saw him. I did not fling my arms around him, take a selfie or ask for a lock of his hair. Like, I said…I was at work.

So yeah…his new song is really great! Am actually surprised that the women in the video are actually wearing clothes. *Slowclap.* Our Robbie is getting older now and he has the right amount of grey collecting at his temples. But really now, he is as lovely/gorgeous/ amazing as ever. With that being said, here is the video to ‘love my life’…you are welcome.







  1. quiall · November 24

    He is compelling!

    • samdfb1 · November 24

      Right? Exactly. He is ‘hawt!’…but ‘compelling’ sounds far more sophisticated. Respect. 😉

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