Advertisements (of a bygone era)

Hello and hi. Yesterday, I wrote about how the Advertisement  Standards Authority (ASA) had banned a Heinz  beans advert, due to health and safety reasons. Yes. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy.  Advertisements are a part of life (although not on the BBC-thank goodness). Ads both here and back home in the US are meant to engage, inform, poke fun and get us to get things we don’t necessarily need, but want. Back home, the best, biggest and brightest ads are during The SuperBowl. Here on this not so small island, we too have ads-and plenty of them. Now as Christmas looms, we are deluged by  Christmas ads by Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and the rest. That being said, advertisements of a bygone era would certainly not have stood a chance against the current health and safety requirements. For real. Let us now visit advertisements of a bygone era-shall we?

Ok. What on earth is going on here? A baby shaving? No, just no. Oh Gillette…how could you be so irresponsible?

Close shave: A baby has fun with dad’s razor blade in this advert for Gillette

Back home we call Cellophane ‘Saran wrap.’ Just like Brits say ‘Hoover’ for vacuum. Erm…I thought you should know. Anyway, this ad!? First of all, storks do not bring babies. Second, cellophane/saran wrap is pretty dangerous for kids. I mean…duh.

Bagged up: A clear way to suffocate your newborn tot

Ok, I must admit…7up is a pretty refreshing drink but it is not for babies. And I am not so sure if it is ‘wholesome.’ But if you think sugar, syrup and chemicals are wholesome…you go on believing that.

Pure madness: Nothing does it like fizzy drinks — rot your teeth, that is

And here is my personal favourite. Seriously, this can’t be a real ad, but it is. *shakes head in judgement…sips tea*

Out of their minds: A cocaine ‘instantaneous cure’ for kids’ toothache was advertised in the 1880s

There are a lot more of these ads-from a bygone era. I am not even sure how people survived past the age 0f 7-but they did. That being said, ASA needs to have a good hard think about banning Heinz beans. Yes. Yes, they do. That is all.





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