Theresa, Donald and Nigel (walk into a bar)

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Hello and hi. Theresa, Donald and Nigel walk into a bar. Erm…not really. This is not a joke…more like a nightmare (and my attempt of a joke). Oh please, do you think Theresa May would even in the same room as Nigel Farage? That guy is a total nut-job. Yes. Yes, he is. Before I get started, am guessing you know who Nigel Farage is-or we simply can’t be friends. Sorry (not sorry). That guy is crazier than a box of frogs. Yup, he sure is.

I am actually pleased that my American brothers and sisters back home got to see what we have to deal with here, on this not so small island. You guys must have been surprised to see this well-spoken English gentleman pitch up in America and totally waxing lyrical about The Donald. Yeah-we certainly were surprised to see him cozied up to Trump during the Presidential campaign too. In fact, we were hoping that when Nigel returned back home, that the UK Border Agency would simply refuse him entry into the UK. Sadly, that did not happen. Nigel Farage. Uggh. Oh and don’t even get me started on UKIP. Seriously, how is Nigel Farage still even relevant? Sadly, he is. So, this happened….

According to the BBC, Downing Street (where our PM Theresa May lives) rejected the suggestion by Donald Trump-that UKIP’s interim leader, Nigel Farage, should become the British ambassador to the US. Say what, now? Oh no. Bye Felicia.

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Well of course, Farage was flattered by Trump’s tweet. Of course he was. I mean, the man is kind of looking for a job. Please take him USA. Please. Farage added that the remark came as a ‘bold out of the blue.’ Oh please. I was not born yesterday. No. No I was not. Out of the blue? Jesus take the wheel.

So, while Farage was basking in the adulation of a complete arse, Downing Street was all…’Erm..nope. Tea, Prime Minister?’ Downing Street replied saying how there was “no vacancy.” Exactly. Then Farage got mad and threw his toys out of the pram when he heard that.  He actually had the audacity to accuse Downing Street of putting its dislike of him ahead of the national interest, as they dismissed Trump’s endorsement as well as comment that Farage could be a ‘great’ ambassador. Oh my goodness. Stop playing Farage. This is not ‘play play’ time.  The UKIP leader/Farage went on to say that Downing Street needed to accept that “the world has changed” and added that he was in “a good position, with the president-elect’s support, to help.” No Nigel. Just, no. You would only hurt-not help. Trust me on this.

And if I am not mistaken, an ambassador ALREADY exists, and believe me, you-he is far more informed about America-compared to Trump and Farage combined. So, just leave well enough alone-and let the man do is job-let the British ambassador to the US/Sir Kim Darroch get on with his important job. And let us not forget that our countries have a ‘special relationship.’ Actually,  we are F-A-M-I-L-Y.  Yes,yes we are.

The British Ambassador to the United States is in charge of the British Embassy, Washington DC. His official title is: Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the United States of America. Here is Sir Kim Darroch with President Obama. He seems nice. Give us a smile Kim?!

Image result for image of sir kim darroch                                                                                                                                                Image: The Telegraph




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