Cheese on Toast

Image result for images grilled cheese sandwichImage: Closet Cooking

Hello and hi. The recent election results (and weather) has got me eating a whole lot of comfort foods. By next week, I shall be tipping the scales at 900 lbs. Yes, yes I will. What can I say? There will more of me to LOVE. Yup. That being said, back home we call this delish snack: grilled cheese. But here in the UK, we call it cheese on toast. And while it is normally grilled, we don’t call it ‘grilled cheese’ but that is essentially what it is. Today I had grilled cheese on toast. Oh gosh. It was so good that I forgot my name. Yes, yes I did. I heart cheese in a big way. Sometimes at 3am I wake up just to eat cheese. Don’t judge me. Please and thanks.

Wesh rarebit (Welsh rabbit-original spelling)

In addition to the regular cheese on toast, there is the option of having Welsh rarebit. It is a dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients and served hot, after being poured over slices of toasted bread (or the hot cheese sauce may be served like a fondue-accompanied by sliced, toasted bread). The name of this dish comes from 18th century Britain.

Image result for image of welsh rarebit

Cheese on toast is definitely comfort food…with its bubbling cheese on thickly sliced bread with lashings of REAL butter. I mean, I would trade my brother for some cheese on toast. Not really. Welsh rarebit is pretty good too. Kind of funny as to how something so simple can be so good. Kind of like, how someone SO unqualified can be president. Can I get an ‘Amen?!’






  1. quiall · November 10

    I grew up eating Welsh rarebit most Fridays. Loved it! Tough to explain to my Canadian friends.

    • samdfb1 · November 10

      Lucky you! It is really good!

  2. Meg Sorick · November 10

    Oh I love Welsh rarebit, too. Mmmm now I want that for breakfast!

  3. Michaela · November 13

    Yum! This looks delicious!

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