Cambridge votes to keep grades public

Image result for image of cambridge universityImage: Huffington Post UK

Hello and hi. If you read my blog- you probably know that I have mad respect for anyone who has ever attended Oxford or Cambridge (here we normally refer to them as ‘Oxbridge’-it is a portmanteu-a sort of blending together of the 2 words). I, of course, never attended Oxbridge. Really now, I do know my limits. But I would have loved to have attended. That being said, Cambridge students participated in a rather important (?) vote, recently. Allow me to inform you. You are welcome, mate.

So, this is what happens at Cambridge…at the end of every academic year, student names appear next to their examination results and are then published on a board, outside of of Senate House (one of the university’s main buildings). In fact, these grades have been posted outside of Senate House- for the last 300 years. But some feel, that this rather archaic tradition just needs to be abolished. First of all. 300 years? My people were dinasours with wings. Not really. But they certainly were not attending University, that’s for sure.

A campaign was launched this year at Cambridge to abolish the tradition of displaying degree grades. Many have argued that it promotes a “culture of shaming.” Possibly. But in my opinion, everyone who attends Cambrdige is terribly clever-so what is the problem? I would imagine all the grades would be A’s.  Am I right? Yes. Yes, I think I am.  Anyway, 55% of students voted last week to keep the tradition alive. Thank goodness. However, a vote later this month by academic and senior administrative staff will decide the final outcome.

The referendum asked ” Should CUSU (Cambridge University Student Union) campaign to keep the class lists with an easier opt-out process?” Leaders of the No campaign told Varsity (University Student Newspaper)  that they would continue to campaign against the “actively hurtful and archaic tradition.” Actively hurtful? Ouch. I hardly think so. I mean, your grades are being posted on a wall for all to see-it is no big deal. Archaic tradition? Again. Please. You lot are SO lucky to even have this kind of tradition. We have nothing of the sort back in America. Do you know what are traditions consist of? White House turkey’s get pardoned-they don’t get killed and end up on the table garnished with parlsey and cranberry.

Seriously now, you Cambridge lot-get back to your books and stop with this silly voting on whether or not to post your grades. Just bask in the gloriousness of your truly amazing university. Please and thanks. That is all.





  1. Michaela · November 8, 2016

    Sounds like a magical place! It’s definitely a motivator to have your grades publicly posted. I don’t see anything wrong with it if you can opt out.

    • samdfb1 · November 8, 2016

      Definitely a great motivator! And besides, who cares-your grades don’t define who you are. Your grades are not the contents of your soul. At least…I am hoping they are not. 😉

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