Blair on BREXIT

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Hello and hi. Well, well, well…look who is in the news today. I am not normally in the habit of giving war criminals my attention-but I could not help myself today. Well, it is a free country and if Tony Blair wants to speak, let him speak. I did listen and tried hard not to judge him too harshly. Well, I did try.

Tony Blair has been speaking to the BBC regarding BREXIT. I wish he himself would BREXIT. But no, instead, he has decided to remain and share a few of his thoughts with the British public. I am not sure why he felt the need to comment on BREXIT. He had his time as Prime Minister from 1997-2007, to speak about issues pertinent to the UK. Kindly, exit stage left Tony. Please and thanks.

The former Prime Minister told the BBC that the outcome of the BREXIT vote was a “catastrophe” and that it was vital to study the ‘real-life implications.’ Yes, we know that already, Tony. We certainly don’t need you to remind us of this. Blair also added that he had accepted the verdict of the referendum. So glad. But he recommended, looking again at BREXIT, when “we have a clear sense of where we’re going” he told the BBC. Good grief. I certainly hope that Theresa May did not hear this interview, but am guessing she did. Later, Downing Street said that they were “absolutely committed” to seeing BREXIT through. Of course they are.  The British people voted in a referendum on 23 June and 51.9% of voters opted to leave the EU. In brief, the people voted and there will be NO second referendum. No. Nope. No way. I think you get the point.

On BBC Radio 4 Today’s programme, Blair told the programme that he believed that the BREXIT vote was a “catastrophe” and added that the views of the “16 million” people who had backed remaining in the EU, should not be ignored. Good grief. Why is he saying this? He needs to go home and make his barrister wife a nice cup of tea instead of pointing out the bleeding obivous. (Said in a Yorkshire accent).

Blair also added:”If it becomes clear that this is either a deal that doesn’t make it worth our while leaving, or alternatively a deal that’s going to be so serious in its implications people may decide they don’t want to go, there’s got to be some way, either through Parliament, or an election, or possibly through another referendum, in which people express their view.” Erm. Ok. You may have to read that again. All I read was: yellow and blue make green. But seriously, he has aired his views on BREXIT, and he has every right to do so but come.on.mate. I really do believe such statements are actually undermining Theresa May’s leadership. And nobody has time for that- not even, Theresa May. Blair should stop talking…now would be good. Blair also added that the vote for BREXIT could not be changed  “unless it becomes clear that the British people have had a change of mind.” Oh my goodness. That is the last thing Theresa May or anyone else wants to hear. Honestly.

The UK government has promised to invoke Article 50 (setting formal talks with the EU in motion) by the end of March, next year. Further, Theresa May has said, that she will not provide a “running commentary” on its stance before negotiations-before leaving the EU. Yes girl, give it. Stay strong, my sister.

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Blair also told the BBC:”We’ve got to work out: are the freedoms that we are going to gain really so substantial that we want to leave the European Union?” In addition, he warned of the subsequent talks with the EU and said,  “I’m convinced that it’s going to be very, very tough. We have to understand we are not going to be conducting these negotiations with a group of European businessmen who might well decide that they want maximum access to the UK…The people we are going to be conducting these negotiations with are the political leaders of the European Union and their parliaments.” Blair concluded by saying”I’m arguing we should keep our options open.” Good grief. Why is he even commenting on this current political issue? Simply put, he nor his views are no longer relevant. I do wonder, however, if he is angling for a job? Well, Tony Blair did announce last month that he was winding up most of his commercial ventures, in order to focus on not-for-profit work. So…there you go. He is job hunting. I knew it. Yes. Yes, I did.

In closing, please cast your mind back to 2004 when Blair said a UK referendum would be held on the ratification of the European Constitution Treaty. This would create a European Council president along with a “common defence policy.” But voters in France and the Netherlands rejected the treaty and it was subsequently discarded.

In 2007, the Labour government rejected calls for a referendum on a second treaty-which became known as: The Lisbon Treaty and argued that it was a different document and a UK referendum was NOT needed. (The Lisbon Treaty, in brief, amends the 2 treaties which form the constitutional basis of the EU. It was signed by the EU member states in 2007 and came into force in 2009-it amends the Maastricht Treaty (1993), known in updated form as the Treaty on European Union. Knowledge is power, people.

Earlier in the month, Blair told Esquire magazine he was considering whether there was a “role” for him in UK politics-having not actively been involved for almost a decade. Please read that as: ‘I shall soon be returning to UK politics.’ Good grief. That is all.






  1. Meg Sorick · October 28

    TB still wants to pretend he’s relevant. Does he really not think the current PM hasn’t thought those thoughts herself? Wasn’t she a proponent of ‘stay’? Anyway, now that the ball is rolling, I assume the time for a do-over is past. Or is it? (Not that I am in any way endorsing what TB is up to.) But still… 😦

    • samdfb1 · October 28

      He really does. True-Theresa May was in the ‘remain’ camp. And yup its too late for a do over…though many want one. Scotland and NI are hoping it is still possible to have another referendum in their respective countries-as they wish to vote again and remain within the EU, while England leaves. Its enough to make you reach for a pint of lager! Lol. Am sure Theresa May has had similar concerns…not sure why TB is sounding off. Anyway Meg…have a bril weekend! 😉

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