A very British breakfast

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Hello and hi. Hope you had time for breakfast this morning, as it is terribly important and a great way to start your day. Yes, yes it is. Walk with me, through this post, as I wax lyrical about Breakfast in Britain. Let’s get this party started.


The Full English Breakfast (also known as the ‘fry up’)

Move over pancakes and sausages. You are no longer needed.  The ‘fry up’ is simply the best thing ever. It is proof that God loves us. While terribly delicious, it is not the sort of thing one should eat every day. Usually, it is eaten once in a while, as a treat. Plus, you can have it for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not all three, or you will be tipping the scales at 400lbs-I dont’t know how many stones that is. My people deal in pounds. Yes, yes they do. But I do believe there are 14lbs to a stone. You do the math. Please and thanks.

So, in a ‘fry up’ you will get:

  • grilled bacon
  • sausage
  • fried egg
  • baked beans (tinned beans in a tomato sauce)
  • fried black pudding (sausage made from pig’s blood)
  • fried mushrooms
  • brown sauce/tomato ketchup

Image result for image of english breakfast fry up                                                                                                                              

Alternatively, other traditional English breakfasts to try include smoked kippers, scrambled egg on toast, kedgeree (rice and smoked haddock-from the days of the British Raj-don’t think many people eat this these days). Or if you are pressed for time, you can just have a crumpet. Pictured below is a crumpet. They are delish!

Image result for image of a crumpet

Image result for image of a crumpet

True, it looks like, what we call back home an ‘English Muffin’ but it is very different from an English Muffin, which is not even English and resembles no muffin I have ever had. A crumpet is best when you put in in the toaster, then slather it with massive amounts of butter and marmalade (of course you can choose whatever you like-but marmalade is best, in my opinion).


A crumpet is basically a gridle cake made from flour and yeast. The crumpet is an Anglo-Saxon invention, I am told. English crumpets are circular-usually about the size of your palm. They have a characteristic flat top with small pores and a chewy and spongy texture. They are often eaten with lashings of butter or you could use jam, honey, chocolate spread or even a fried egg on top!

Scottish crumpets are essentially a pancake cooked in a slightly different way-made from the same ingredietns as a Scotch pancake. They are available plain or as a fruit crumpet with raisins baked in and usually fried in a pan-and served as breakfast, with butter and jam. Ingredients include baking powder, eggs, flour and milk. Unlike a pancake, they are cooked to brown on one side only-this results in a smooth darker side, which as been heated by the griddle-then lightly cooked on the other side, which has holes where bubbles have risen to the surface during cooking. It has little resemblace to the English crumpet. I think you get the picture. However, here is a picture of a Scottish man in a kilt. And while he is no Scottish crumpet, he is ‘a bit of alright’ as they say here, which simply means, attractive.  You are welcome.

Image result for image of sexy scot in a kilt

And I am guessing you know who this is…or we simply can’t be friends.

Image result for image of sexy scot in a kilt

One last thing on crumpets, the South African version of a crumpet is a popular dessert and breakfast treat in South Africa and is almost identical to the Scottish recipe. As for me, I am off to go eat an English crumpet with lashings of butter and marmalade. That is all.





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