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Image: The Daily Mail

Hello and hi. I have previously written about William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette guru-master-johnny come lately. In fact, he even got wind of my post, read it and actually wrote to me. Oh man, I was back peddling big time, as I was less than nice about his so-called qualifications. But he was gracious and kind in equal measure. Respect. That being said, our William has recently been in the news with some comments about why Prince George is always in shorts. Hmm. Why is the earth round? Because it is. Facepalm. I can’t even with that chap. No. No, I can’t. First, some background.

William Hanson (brief bio)

Hanson is an etiquette consultant, social commentator and broadcaster from Bristol. Not London or Buckingham Palace…but rather, Bristol. Bristol is nice, don’t get me wrong, but its not exactly the etiquette capital of the UK. In brief, he is no different from me or you. The only difference is…is that you and I are not on the telly and we don’t write for The Daily Mail. I should totally write for The Daily Mail as I am knee-slappingly hilarious and I can write, as well. But, I digress. Hanson has been labelled by Sky News as ‘the UK’s leading consultant in etiquette and protocol’. In fact, he is considered Britain’s yongest manners and etiquette expert. How very nice for him.

Let’s get down to brass tacks shall we? Etiquette…what on earth? Really now, is etiquette not just common sense, good upbringing and being terribly polite? Yes. Yes, I think it is. And for one to be considered an etiquette consultant, shouldn’t you be somehow linked and working from Buckingham Palace? Further, it is my belief, that if you are indeed an etiquette consultant, you should have a title, some land and at least 3 horses. Further, you should also have a British-made watch (read: Bremont). I don’t think our Hanson has any of the above. But I could be wrong. It has happened before. Like twice.

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Image: Daily Mail

In his work, Hanson has commented on various issues-these have included:

  • Fake tans
  • International protocol
  • Afternoon tea
  • Cleaning
  • Clothing
  • Crossing the road while searching for your phone in your handbag (ok, I made that one up. But given half the chance, Hanson would most likely say there is a certain degree of etiquette to this)

In 2008, Hanson filmed the Australian version of Ladette to Lady. But he quit filming 2 days early due to concerns with the integrity of the program. Yikes. Integrity? He only discovered this when there were 2 days left to film? Oh dear. Hanson later stated that the programme was “detrimental to promoting good manners and etiquette.” Fair enough. But let’s face it, all those types of programs are generally detrimental and hasten the imminent demise of my brain cells. But, good on him for not continuing as integrity was at stake. Respect.  In 2014, Haanson published his first book, ‘The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette.’ Nice. If you need a book on etiquette, you are in serious trouble, mate. But at least there is a book out there to help you mend your wicked ways.

So, I have given you a flavourful dollop of William Hanson. Of course this is my opinion-but seriously, I have made some valid points here. But you should research Hanson for yourself if you want a more erm…objective view. In fact: do it. Do it, now. Research the chap and learn a little something along the way.

Anyway, Hanson’s latest pearl of wisdom has made me laugh. Like a lot. Upon reading what he had said, I laughed and pranced around the room like a wild unicorn. Of course, I threw caution to the wind and laughed with my mouth open…so, there was no etiquette involved.

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So our Hanson recently had some sage wisdom regarding why our Prince George is always in shorts. I mean, THIS is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night ( along with cheese). I guess we should be grateful that that adorable cherub of a toddler who will one day be King, is not running around in his birthday suit. Let us all be grateful. Yes, let us.

Image result for Prince George images in shorts

Image result for Prince George images in shorts

So, William Hanson recently told Harper’s Bazaar UK that, “Trousers are for older boys and men, whereas shorts on younger boys are one of the silent class markers that we have in England.” He later added, “Although times are (slowly) changing, a pair of trousers on a young boy is considered quite middle class — quite suburban. And no self-respecting aristo or royal would want to be considered suburban. Even the Duchess of Cambridge,”  In fact, young men who are of rather distinguished background/pedigree, will make the switch to longer trousers at around age 8. In addition, our Prince George will no longer wear knee high socks after the age of 10. I see. Whatever, dude.

Sorry (not sorry) but what a bunch of poppycock. I have a stronger word of course-but my parents read this blog. But I do try to keep it ‘real.’ You get me? So, what our Hanson is essentially saying is that your socio-economic class dictates your fashion sense? Please give me a break. Jesus take the wheel. I do understand that the way you dress is important and sends signals to society about who you (or who you are trying to be) but…come.on. He is a kid. He wears shorts because he wears shorts. It is my hope that one day, not long for now, that Prince George will wear a wrap skirt, a mini skirt and a skort (combination short and skirt)…all in the same day.

I truly hope Prince George  wears whatever he wants in the future. My earnest hope is that Prince George grows up to be funny, silly, intelligent, kind and gracious and is nice to his Mum and respectful of his parents. Whether he is wearing shorts, a skirt or even a brown paper bag is of no importance to me. I just want the kid to be kind. That is all.



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