Tyson Fury. UPDATE

Hello and hi. So, what can I say about Tyson Fury? Plenty. Before I commence, I would like to point out that I am a girl. Yes. Yes, I am. There you go, full disclosure. And just so you know (and I am guessing you do) girls can do anything-this includes writing about boxing. After all, girls…we run ‘this.’ Just ask Beyonce. She even sings about this very thing. Yes. Yes, she does.

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It has been reported by the BBC that the Tyson Fury, British world heavyweight champion will be strippted of his WBO belt, unless he responds to a notice from its chairman in the next 10 days. Let’s hope he contacts the chairman, but the problem remains that Fury can not count past 5. Yes, I said it.

Fury, 28, must explain why the title should not be vacated due to “inactivity, breach of contract and performance-enhancing drugs.” Yikes. Imagine, getting your way out of that one. Even for a literate person that might be difficult. Ouch, Fury may want some ice for that burn. Yup.

In October, Fury withdrew from October’s rematch with Ukranians Wladimir Klitschko because of mental health issues. Later, he admitted to taking cocaine to help with depression. This is never a good idea, I am told. Anyway, the BBBofC (The British Boxing Board of Contol) is meeting on 12 October to look at Fury’s cocaine admission-which was made during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Oh man, how I would love to be at the meeting-even to be a chai wallah ( a person who makes or serves tea-or both). I would be all up in there serving the tea and airing my views. Oh yes I would. Perhaps, they already know this and this is why I have not been invited to the meeting. Sigh.

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Fury, from Manchester, holds both the WBO and the WBA titles. Slowclap. Luis Batista-Salas, WBO chairman indicated that he was deeply concerned over Fury’s “health, well-being, happiness and prospects for a full and complete recovery. “ Aww, that is awfully nice of him. In addition, WBA president Gilberto Mendoza told Sportsweek on Sunday that Fury deserved a chance “to overcome this situation.” Yes. Fair enough. Mendoza later added,  “I cannot say if we will strip him of the title, a yes or no, but the substance he took is a prohibitive substance that is against the rules and we have to take that into account.”

Fury’s Uncle, Peter Calm (ok I made that up, his name is: Peter Fury) said that his nephew “will resume his career.” Great. Just great. That is all well and good but Fury needs to deal with his mental health issues first before he resumes his career. I mean, I am no doctor…but I do play one on TV.

Fury has not fought since beating Klitschko last November-he had postponed the original rematch in June due to an ankle injury. He beat Klitschko to win the WBA, IBF and WBO titles. Later, Fury was stripped of the IBF title because he was unable to fight mandatory challenger Vyacheslav Glazkov.  (Why are all these boxers Russian? Yikes. )

After Fury’s most recent cancellation, he tweeted that he had retired from boxing and described it as the saddest thing ever…then he retracted his statement. He then said how great he was and that he would be back in the ring. Gosh. Later, his Uncle, Peter ‘Calm’ Fury said that his nephew had been “driven to despair” by his mental health issues, which he said was a form of manic depression. The cocaine, helped him deal with it apparently.

In closing, there is an option for Fury to be declared as a “champion in recess” -this simply means that fighters can challenge for Fury’s belts while he is unable to fight. But as soon as he is fit to fight again (and takes care of his mental health issues) he can challenge whoever holds the belt. So, what happens next? There will be a meeting, which I will not be attending-that will decided Fury’s fate. So, watch this space. Please and thanks.







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