Meet Ben Smith

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Hello and hi. You might not be familiar with Ben Smith, but hopefully after reading this, you will be. You are welcome, mate. Ben Smith is a BOSS. The term ‘BOSS’ is one that I normally assign to women, whom I believe to be marvelously magnificent. But this time, I will extend this moniker to our Ben. Yes. Yes, I will.

So, who exactly is Ben Smith? Think ‘Forrest Gump’. There is your answer. Kind of. Remember in Forrest Gump, how Forrest ran and ran and ran? He simply could not stop running. Well, earlier this week, our Ben Smith completed 401 marathons in 401 days. Please read that sentence again. How incredible is that? Pretty incredible if you ask me. I told you he was a BOSS.

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Ben, 34, ran 401 marathons in 401 days to raise money for anti-bullying charities here in the UK. You see when Ben was a young lad, he was badly bullied after he came out as being gay. Fast forward to present day and Ben wanted to raise awarness of bulling by running 401 marathons in as many days. In the end, he raised 250K for various charities, including: Stonewall and Kidscape.

Having set off 1 September 2015, Ben ran 10, 506 miles-which is the equivalent of running from London to Sydney. During that time, he suffered from pains in his spine and legs. In addition, he had an umbilical hernia, which forced him to stop for 10 days.  He later, made up his distance. Upon finishing, Ben said that he was the happiest he had been in his entire life.

So, what’s next for Ben Smith? Well, over the next few weeks he will continue to run-but only half marathons, daily. Not for charities, but rather to readjust and recalibrate his body back to normal. Ben Smith, if you are reading this: Well done, mate! You are AWESOME.

As for me, I hate running. But I do it because…cake. That is all.




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