A very Hungarian referendum

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Hello and hi. Do you know much about Hungary? If you are American, you may not be so familiar with its geographic location. Yes-I said it. So, kindly consult the map above. Please and thanks.

I could say a lot about Hungary-but this is not a Lonely Planet entry-it is a only a blog post. However, in brief… Hungary is located in Central Europe. It has about 10 million people living there and it has been a member of the EU since 2004. Hungary has a rich and varied history, but please know that I do not have the time nor inclination to wax lyrical on that at the moment. No, no I do not.

TODAY in Hungary, people are voting in a referendum. Slowclap. Careful now, there are no ‘do overs’ look what happened here in the UK. People were not happy with the outcome of the referendum and they wanted another vote. Jesus take the wheel. But I digress.  The referendum is about accepting mandatory EU quotos for relocating migrants. The PM Viktor Orban opposes plans to relocate a total of 160K across the bloc. Under the scheme-announced after last year’s migrant crisis-Hungary would receive 1,294 asylum seekers, according to the BBC website.

Further, opinion polls suggest strong support for a REJECTION among those who say they will vote. Note, to be valid-turnout needs to be over 50% of voters. Ahh democracy in action. You just gotta love it.

During the migrant crisis (which continues at alarming rates) Hungary, became a sort of transit state on the Western Balkan route to Germany and other EU destinations. Then in an effort to curb the influx-Hungary sealed its border with Serbia and Croatia. How very mean. While this was a popular decision in Hungary, it was criticised by various human rights groups.

Orban said in an interview on Thursday “If there are more ‘no’ votes than ‘yes’ votes, that means Hungarians do not accept the rule which the bureaucrats of the European Commission want to forcefully impose on us.” This was followed by: “The more migrants there are, the greater the risk of terror,” Whatever. In brief, Orban is linnking migration to terrorism. Further, he thinks that migration will lead to a dilution of European Christian culture. Oh my Lakshmi. Further, Orban proposed that ALL migrants be put in a giant refugee camp in Libya-from which they can apply to come to Europe. What an utterly terrible idea. If this guy has any more bright ideas regarding this topic, I suggest he kindly keep them to himself. Yes.

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So today Hungary votes in a referendum… as the rest of the EU holds its breath. Yup.





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