Wacky English phrases

Life in London

I speak a couple of languages: Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and now the Queen’s English.  By far, learning the Queen’s English was the toughest.  Kid not.  The words and word order are far, far different from my current Yankee English.  But, I got there in the end.  Luckily, I am here to help you. Let’s get started mate, love, ‘chuck’ (if you’re from the North).

1. ‘Mutton dressed up as lamb’

What on earth? This has nothing to do with food. It simply refers to a middle aged woman dressing and acting younger than she is. I mean, who does this?

2. Dog’s dinner.

Again, nothing to do with food. It just means a mess, a fiasco. For example-the European Union has made a dog’s dinner of its economic policy.

3. Bob’s your Uncle.

It just means everything I ok. Never say, ‘Bob is your Father’s brother’. It just wont fly. Trust…

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