P is for: PUMA

Hello and hi. You may have read my post a while back about a Lynx which had escaped from a zoo here in jolly ol’England. People were scared. People closed their windows, doors and sealed their cat flaps. People did not go to work and children did not go to school. All because there was a lynx on the loose. In America, we have skunks, racoons and deer roaming around but we don’t let that stop us. I know, there is a HUGE difference between a skunk and a lynx. I am aware of that. Please know this.

The lynx was subsequently captured and everyone went back to normal. Until…until there were reports that a puma was spotted on this not so small island. A puma. Yes-and I am not talking about trainers/sneakers. I am talking about an awfully big cat.

A lorry driver allegedly saw the puma run out onto a private road near an Imerys clay pit between Nanpean and Whitemoor. Erm..ok. First of all, would you even recognise a puma if you saw one? I mean, it could have been a rather large dog or a mighty big fox. But a puma? I don’t think you saw a puma at all, mate.  Anyway, the police were contacted who searched the area and found nothing-except for a mysterious white paw print where the alleged puma had crossed the road. Which leads me to the next question. Why did the puma cross the road? Answer: to avoid being run over by the lorry driver. Cheah! She’s got jokes. 😉

The lorry driver originally described to the police that he had seen a LION. Oh my word. This guy is not reliable. Next, he will probably say that he saw a platypus cross the road. Honestly. This guy needs to focus on his driving and not wild animals. Later, the lorry driver had said that it had black markings on its face, a thorny colour and a dark tail. Sounds unlikely that he was able to get such a good description.

A good while later, a different trucker (am not sure how a trucker is different from a lorry driver-perhaps they are the same thing) said he found a decapitated deer in a quarry near to where the puma was seen. But animal experts have reported that big cats are on the rise in the St Austell area. Danny Bamping of the British Bit Cat Society said that his organisation believed that the animal was indeed a puma. He later added:“Indeed we have had sightings for the past few years in that area. We’ve had reports from members of the public and people who work for Imerys. I think it’s because it is very rural, there are not many people there, and there’s a huge geographical area.” Well, maybe there is a puma in the area after all. Seeing is believeing. Bamping later added that it could have been a puma or mountain lion-but that it was not classified scientifically as a ‘bit cat’ as it can’t roar.  Good to know.

So, it can’t roar? If it comes near you-you should bite your tongue and hold your breath. Cue Katy Perry.  Be safe people. That is all.



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