Meet Calum Scott

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Hello and hi. Know much about Calum Scott? Well, you are about to. You are welcome, mate. Calum Scott arrived on the world’s stage when he appeared as a contestant on the TV program Britian’s Got Talent in 2015. He subsequently released his version of “Dancing On My Own” ( previously sung by Robyn). As a single, it has reached number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. Cue massive applause. Scott became the FIRST solo singer from Hull to have a top 40 single since Ronnie Hilton in the 1960’s. Scott’s version is so achingly beautiful it makes my teeth hurt. It is incredibly beautiful and sad in equal measure. I am quite sure that nearly everyone at some point in their lives can relate to this song. For real.

Calum Scott was born in Hull, England in 1988. Baby! But apart from that, he is just a regular guy who loves his sister to bits and adores his mum. Am sure he loves his mum too. And any guy that adores his mum is right up my street. Like I said, he is a regular guy. He actually seems like a really nice persion-not one of these namby-pamby rock stars with a massive ego. He is no Kanya West. Nope. Not at all. Anyway, have a listen to to Calum’s song. Oh and I would like to point out how utterly fab ‘Calum’ is for a name. If anyone knows the origin or meaning of this name-by all means, let me know. Thanks. Here is the link for the video. If you are interested you should listen to the original by Robyn-but truth be told, Calum’s version is way better. Yes. Yes, it is.




  1. 2loud2oldmusic · September 19, 2016

    What a voice!! Amazing. I have never heard of this guy, but I hope I hear a lot more. Maybe he will make it over here to the States. Great post!!

    • samdfb1 · September 20, 2016

      Right? Totally amazing. I think you will definitely be hearing a lot more from him. Thanks for the read!

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