Northern English Accents


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Hello and hi. I know a thing or five about English accents. I myself, of course do not have one. But sometimes…I find it almost necessary to use one. This includes if I am standing in a rather long queue at the post office or at Marks & Spencers. When this happens, I will say something like ‘Oh dear, Christmas is coming…’ even though it is the middle of September.  This simply means that the longer I have to wait in this line-the closer Christmas gets.

When I am larking (joking) around I will put on a proper posh or ‘cut glass’ accent. I just love to do it. When I do so, I sound like a cross between Prince Charles and Hyacinth Bucket (must be pronouced ‘bouquet’). It is incredibly funny and they do say that imitation is the best form of flattery. That being said, I think my accent is a hybrid mix of American and British English. Not on purpose mind you-but in order for survival purposes, it has been not only required-but necessary. For real.

Anyway, when I first moved to this not so small island, I found myself at Durham University. They sure do speak different up there. Oh man, I was struggling  for the first few weeks. I really had expected everyone to sound like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins. How wrong I was. The accents in the north are very distinctive. If you hail from the north of England-I can ususally tell where you are from. Some accents from that part of the UK are ok, but some really rub me the wrong way-and I am not alone in this way of thinking. I recently came across a clip from BBC regarding nothern accents. It is funny and accurate in equal measure. Have a listen and enjoy. You may need to listen more than once. But trust me (and I would never lie to you) it is going to be the best 2 min of your day. For real. Here it is…..A tour of the north in accents



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