A Fine Romance

Life in London

Seretse Khama with his English wife Ruth, and their two children Jacqueline and Seretse Jr in September 1956

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and as a result, I am all about love, romance, unicorns and matching socks. I have issues matching my socks, but enough about me. Well now, after waxing lyrical about Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch I feel compelled to blog about some other blessed unions. You are welcome.

This is the story of a Botswanan Prince and his middle-class English bride and how their secret marriage triggered a diplomatic crisis, in fact their love caused major political and diplomatic ructions.  Ain’t love grand? Their story is about to be portrayed on the big screen. Yeah.

Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams were from different worlds. Seretse was the Oxford-educated student PRINCE from the British protectorate of what was then Bechuanaland who in 1948, at 27 married Ruth Williams, a 24 year old clerk with Lloyd’s underwriter. Their union was fiercely opposed by her father and by Seretse’s family. Seretse…

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