A Grandmother in Stokeinteignhead

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Hello and hi. There is lots going on in the world. Our former PM,  David Cameron has resigned as MP (still kept his day job, I see, post leaving Downing Street) which has caused a by-election in Witney. Israeli ex-president, Shimon Peres has suffered a stroke and Hilary Clinton is recovering nicely. I would like to point out that FDR had polio and Dick Cheney had a bad heart, yet our Hillary Clinton gets the vapours ( a sudden feeling of faintness) and everyone loses their damn minds. So with all that is going on the world, I choose to focus on a grandmother in Stokeinteignhead, Devon. Yes, yes I do. Allow me to get on with the getting on. So this happened…

Here in England, it is not uncommon to hang your washing on the line. Sure, we have dryers here-but putting your clothes on the line is more economical, better for the environment and your clothes dry nicely in the warm British summertime. Some times it rains-this means your clothes are getting an extra rinse. No big deal. I do not put my clothes on the line. I just can’t. I mean-I reallly don’t want people to see my erm..smalls. Also, I don’t want people to see that I have no matching socks as well as 7 pairs of black trousers and 7 black long sleeved t shirts. It is my intention to largely not let my neighbours know what sort of clothes, sheets I am in possession of. But if you want to hang your washing/clothing on the line-that’s cool. I am not judging.

A grandmother in Devon did just that. Oh she put the usual things to include sheets, clothes and yes, smalls. And by ‘smalls’ I mean, bras and underwear. So on this particular day, Rozamund Perris, 65, hung her frilly black panties on the line. I mean, whatever rocks your boat. I don’t believe that there is an age restriction in regards to  wearing frilly black panties. I can’t say anymore about this topic- as my parents read this blog. Thank you for your understanding. Cheah! Anyway, some person took her frilly black panties off the line and posted them back to her with a note that read:

The knicker nicker, wrote: 'It is totally inappropiate (sic) for this type of garment to be displayed opposite the village primary school

I mean. Come. On. Seriously though-does the person who penned this note have too much time on their hands? Are they basically unhinged? Yes, to both. Honestly and for real.

So this knicker-gate (we say ‘knickers’ here along with ‘underwear’ and ‘panties’) has really gotten this gran quite crossed. In fact, Mrs. Wilkinson-the daughter of Mrs. Perris, indicated that she was “Feeling quite shocked. Seriously, the small-minded prudishness of this village is unbelievable.”

The fact that someone saw the knickers from a distance, climbed over her fence and into her garden (read ‘trespassing’) and plucked those knickers off the line… then had the audacity to write a note and post them back is so incredibly funny to me.

Am guessing you already know what black frilly knickers look like so I wont post a picture of the said knickers. But here is a picture of the offending Gran. How cute is she? She is a bit ‘baw chicka baw baw’is she not? Yes, yes I think she is. Respect.

Grandmother Rozamund Perrin, 65, (pictured) hung the knickers out to dry on a washing line

The gran in question, pictured above is 65, divorced and lives alone. And the best part of it all, is that she can wear whatever the heck she likes. Indeed. That is all.





  1. LdF · September 14, 2016

    I looked at the line 8 times n didn’t see the “black frilly”, so if it was removed, how would u have been able to get a picture? Well she got it back in the mail, there are lots more in the M & S and she probably has purchased 5 more just in case they are taken away and not returned, Rozamund you are the best.

    • samdfb1 · September 14, 2016

      The picture of the said ‘black frilly’ was in the paper…I saw it with my own eyes. In my attempt to shield you from having an embarrassing daughter I did not include it. You are welcome, dad. 😉

  2. Meg Sorick · September 14, 2016

    That is ridiculous! Hello Victoria’s Secret catalog? You think the kids haven’t seen sexy knickers before? You go grandma!

    • samdfb1 · September 14, 2016

      So crazy. That grandma is my new hero of the week. 😉

      • Meg Sorick · September 14, 2016

        Yeah, she rocks! 😃

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