A Breaking Bad fan’s meth lab in St. Albans (UK)

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Hello and hi. Know much about St. Alban’s, UK? It certainly looks to be a beautiful place. Yes, yes it does. Loads goes on in this sleepy middle class town, where men wear salmon coloured trousers and tweed jackets. And the women are scrummy yummy mummy’s for sure with 3.2 kids and nanny in tow. Its probably a nice place . That being said, it is not the sort of place that one would find a meth lab in. Nope. Well, not until recently that is. Allow me to inform you. You are of course, welcome, mate. Ok, lets get on with the getting on.

Recently, and as reported by the BBC, a crystal meth addict (as opposed to a crystal meth non-addict) recently tried to create his own meth lab, and was inspired by the US drama series Breaking Bad, a court heard. Have you seen Breaking Bad? I am watching it for the second time on Netflix, and am enjoying it immensely.

James Plonker Stutter, 37, admitted to a jury that he got the ‘great’ idea to make a meth lab of his own after seeing the show. He was probably high when he got the idea to do so-but I can not be certain. In brief, if you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, it chronicles a chemistry teacher who builds a methamphetamine lab, he along with his trusty sidekick, Jesse who is a recreational drug user. You see, Walter who is a chemistry teacher, has cancer and needs money for his  cancer treatment -teacher’s don’t exactly make ‘bank’…and his former student, Jesse, is more than happy to assist him in this lucrative money making scheme. Bad idea. But great for TV viewing.

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However, Stutter denied he was actually trying to make the drug in his Hemel Hempstead flat. Again, I am assuming he was high when he said that. I mean come. on. Stutter was convicted and given a 2 year suspended jail term. A suspended sentence is the term given imposed by the court-and then suspended (think ‘delayed’). The court may decided to delay the prison/jail sentence to allow the defendant a period of probation-or to undertake treatment for an addiction.

Recorder Leslie Cuthbert told Stutter that he was ‘stupid.’ Well, yes-perhaps I would have used a stronger word. But I am a lady. Yes, yes I am.  According to the BBC, the St Albans Crown Court heard that when police raided Stutter’s flat in March 2014-in which they found a recipe for the drug written by his girlfriend Eleanor Hunt. Ingredients included: lithium drained from batteries, Epsom salts and paraphhernalia such as a coffee grinder (sheesh, maybe he was a coffee lover…but I doubt it). All of the ingredients listed above could have been used in drug production and they were siezed.

The couple both denied a charge of attempting to make meth. Am guessing they had good solicitors/barristers. Not that I would EVER take that case. Nope. During the trial, the jury heard that Stutter had been been paying about £140 for a gram of the drug and thought it would be cheaper to manufacture his own. Again, a decision made while high. Sigh. Stutter’s defence team argued that he had not actually begun manufacturing anything. K. Whatever you say, defence team.

Prosecuting, Roxanne Aisthorpe told the jury: “you may have seen the TV series Breaking Bad. That laboratory was quite professional. That was not what happened in this case.” His girlfriend was cleared of the charge, but Stutter was convicted. He admitted two further charges of possessing drugs with the intent to supply. Recorder Cuthbert told Stutter: “It is a sign of your stupidity that you watched a TV programme about methamphetamine and thought you could manufacture it.” And later added, “you are 37 and should know better by this age.”

That’s right people….beauty fades, but dumb lasts forever. That is all she wrote.







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