Boris Johnson’s political insults

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Hello and hi. We have seen quite a few political insults hurled at various politicians from around the world in the past, and this week was no exception as the President of the Phillipines was less than gracious in his comments directed at Obama. How terribly rude. I mean, if you are going to insult someone maybe you should bite down hard on your teeth and smile instead. We all get mad and want to retaliate with an unkind barb. I get it. Just no. No one wins. People get hurt feelings and so on. It is just easier to walk away with your head held high. I know…easier said than done.

Well, our Boris Johnson certainly has had his share of potlical insults. Johnson, who was previously Mayor of London, then was tipped to be PM, then did a Judas move on Gove while he was the MP for Uxbridge-has a history of potlical insults- but now, our Boris has a rather high profile position within Teresa May’s cabinet as Foreign Secretary. Anything is possible. I mean, Donald Trump is running for President-so clearly, anything can happen. Cue song ‘Anything can happen’ by Ellie Goulding.

So our Boris is pretty infamous. He is clever, kind, kooky, verbose, shambolic and completely lovable. In fact, I love me some Boris Johnson. He potrays himself to be a man of the people-I have seen him talking to fishmongers in the market, followed by speaking to a fellow MP. He speaks with the same grace,ease and respect to people who are clearly from different socio-economic classes yet with sincere gravity. In brief, he treats everyone the same.Respect.

Borris is also pretty clever-we all know it and Boris knows it too. Our Borris attended both Eton and Oxford. Massive respect. He uses big words that leaves the rest of us googling said words -as we have no idea of what the word even means. He is quite locquacious. Indeed he is. Boris’s verbose vernacular is pretty astounding.  Yes. Yes it is.

I am finally at the crux of this post. Finally. In his career as a politician (read ‘brilliant bumbling buffoon)-he has had some political insutls of his own. Here are a few of them below. You are welcome, mate.

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Boris Johnson political insults (just a few…)

  • In May, he penned a rude poem about the Turkish president, having sex with a goat. It was published by the Spectator as a rebuff to the Turkish president’s efferts to prosecute a German comedian’s offensive poem. Yikes. Why are political leaders even writing poems-shouldn’t they be working as politicians and kissing babies while gleefully grinning? Yes, I think so.
  • Back in 2008, in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games-Boris said “respectfully to our Chinese hosts…ping pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century and it was called wiff waff.” Ok….what the what? I don’t know if that is an insult or not. But it rather erroneous and kind of a mean thing to say to the Chinese who are arguably the best ping pong players in the world. Maybe he was making a joke. Maybe he is crazier than a box of frogs. Perhaps it is the combination of the two.
  • In 2007, our Boris called Hilary Clinton a ‘sadistic nurse.’ Ouch. She may want some ice for that burn.  He said  “She’s got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.”  He later said his comments were taken out of context. Hmm. Nice try Boris but…FAIL.
  • Then in 2006, Boris went too far. I mean, like far. I was cringing when I read the following. Yes, yes I was. He wrote in the Telegraph in an attack on Tony Blair, “For 10 years we in the Tory party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing and so it is with a happy amazement that we watch as the madness engulfs the Labour party.” Yikes. He later apologised for any offense caused  and said that he would be happy to “add Papa New Guinea to my my global itinerary of apology.”  He later added that his remarks on cannibalism there was based on his knowledge of Papua New Guinea tribes, who had engaged in warfare-he added, “I’m fairly certain that cannibalism was involved.” Ok. Maybe. But this is not an apology as far as I am concerned and no one wants to hear about cannibalism. Stop talking now Boris. Please and thanks.

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In closing, we all say mean, sarcastic and snarky things that are designed to be insults. But when politicians do it-it does seem to sting and stick in equal measure. Check it, I am assuming that Boris has a media/communications team-he must have a speechwriter, a researcher, someone to write his remarks et al.  The point is, I am not sure why he makes these political gaffes when he has people- who are hired to help him avoid this. He is clearly going off script. He needs to be reigned in a bit. Or perhaps he needs someone NEW to write his speeches, remarks et al. for him. Someone needs to save…I mean help, Boris. You hear me Boris? Wink. Nod. Call me. That is all.






  1. Howard · September 8, 2016

    Some of Johnson’s remarks have been racist as well as grossly insulting.



    Yours, in and sadness and fury,

    • samdfb1 · September 8, 2016

      Yes very true. I did not want to ‘go there’…I did not want to touch those with a barge pole. But I wonder, if perhaps he should consider thinking before speaking? Thanks for the links H. x

  2. Howard · September 8, 2016

    I think that whenever you might be inclined to go easy on Theresa May, saying “She’s all right, give her a chance”, you’ve got to reflect on the fact that she appointed this poisonous apology for a man to be on her cabinet. Not just that, but to serve as her Foreign Secretary, a post demanding tact, diplomacy and understanding,

    • samdfb1 · September 8, 2016

      All very good points. I wonder if TM felt that if she kept Johndon close-she could keep an eye on him. It is intetesting that he git this role-he is not exactly a career diplomat. And his experience with foreign affairs seems limited-in my opinion.

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