Au Revoir Keith Vaz

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Hello and hi. Well now, how the mighty fall. I mean, honestly. Let me preface this by saying that MP’s (Member’s of Parliament) have a pretty tough gig. What exactly do MP’s do? Allow me. You are welcome. An MP is a politician who will represent people from a particular section of the country. These sections or areas are called ‘constituencies’ and the people who live there are called ‘constituents.’ MP’s hold regular meetings with their constituents-called ‘surgeries’-at surgeries, constituents are able to talk to their MP about any concerns or problems they are having. In addition, constituents can contact their MP by email, phone or letter.

In addition, when an MP is not in his or her constituency, they are in Parliament in the House of Commons. It is here that they can/will inform the government about issues that affecting their constituents. Further, in the House of Commons, MP’s will often take part in debates and will vote on whether new laws should be made.

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In addition, constituents will decide on their MP by voting for them in election. This happens during a general election. But if an MP resigns (say he is exposed for having unprotected sex with a male sex worker and paying them for their ‘services’-then, that particular MP (Keith Vaz) may want to resign) of if the MP is sacked/fired or dies, then constituents will vote for a new MP in a by-election.

Further, MPs usually represent a political party. Anyone can stand for an MP as long as they are at least 18 years old and are a registered voter. Of course it is not a job for everyone but if you are clever enough and skilled enough at minimising any wrongdoing on your part-consider yourself to be a fine MP. Please note that this is not necessarily a template for MPs to follow-but some do. And not all MP’s are wicked, some are actually good people. Allegedly.

As for me, I respect the work that MPs do. In fact, I have sat across from 7 MPs this past year and I listened to them wax lyrical about their previous and current achievements-so much so, that you would have thought I was interviewing them and not the other way around. But I digress.

I would now like to turn my attention to Keith Vaz. Keith Vaz is an MP. Slowclap. A monkey could do his job. However, Keith Vaz was the youngest ever MP -when he became an MP at age 30 and he was the FIRST Asian MP since 1922. So good for him. In addition, he went to Oxbridge. Going to Oxbridge really helps if you want to become an MP. For real. Keith Vaz is quite a well known and prominent MP. If you want to know more about him, then be sure to read about him.

So our Keith is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. In brief, it was revealed over the weekend that he had sexual relations with 2 male Eastern European sex workers. Apparently drugs were involved and there was unprotected sex. There are pictures and text messages which corroborate this. Plus, it has been all over the news. Even the BBC news is reporting on it. I mean, this story is beyond salacious and the British public are eating it up. Oh Keith Vaz has been in trouble before-but he seems to have Teflon qualities, as nothing seems to stick to this guy.

So the scandal broke on Sunday. The nation was left with their mouths open like cod fish. Keith Vaz apologised to his wife and children for the ‘hurt and distress’ he caused his family-stemming from his actions on 27 August in his flat. Vaz also indicated that he would step down as chairman of the home affairs committee-but has not done so yet. He has not even stepped down as an MP. He went to work yesterday and acted like business as usual. But today, Vaz will meet with his colleagues in the home affairs committee and they will discuss vigourously if Vaz can continue as chairman-they will probably put pressure on him to resign. No one puts baby in the corner. And Teflon does not stick. If he does not resign, Vaz will face a no confidence vote. A committee source told the BBC it would be “far from reality” to suggest that members wanted him to continue in his role. As reported on the BBC website.

Pictured below is Vaz with his wife leaving their home. She looks pretty cross. Yikes.

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Mr Vaz has yet to comment in detail. Probably for the best. Oh wait, one more thing…Au Revoir Keith Vaz. That is all.








  1. quiall · September 6, 2016

    Is what he did illegal? If he had been a regular person would this have become an issue? I’m not excusing, I’m just wondering what all the fuss is about.

    • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016

      Well, he is a poltician. A politician who paid for sex and allegedly used drugs. He is a pretty high profile politician here and has been involved with loads of high profile issues-including advocating the banning of Satanic Verses by S. Rushdie and other things. I have no idea if what he did was illegal-I have not a clue if it is legal to pay for sex in the UK-some will say it is morally questionable. So whether you are a politican or a regular person…what he did was bad/poor judgement. Imagine if your own Justin Trudeu was embroiled in a similar scandal-Canadians would be angry, outraged and disappointed.

  2. ladieswholunchreviews · September 6, 2016

    Whoops! Yes, you know we go through hearing about the disgraced Anthony Wiener here in the US, whose wife has finally decided to leave him.

    • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016

      Yup. I have been following AW’s story. I was surprised that she decided to leave him. But I did an imaginary high 5 with het in my mind when she did.

      • ladieswholunchreviews · September 6, 2016

        Well, since she works for Hillary, I think the timing of this latest embarrassment was poor. Or maybe she finally found her backbone

      • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016

        Ah yes. Maybe both. Maybe the latter. I live in hope.

      • ladieswholunchreviews · September 6, 2016

        Me, too!

      • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016


  3. Meg Sorick · September 6, 2016

    I imagine his wife is a little more than cross with him… Goodness, I can’t believe he’d even be seen with him! 😦

    • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016

      Right? Exactly. If I was his wife I would have changed the locks and thrown his clothes out of the window followed by putting the sprinkler on-in order to drench his clothes. Maybe I’ve said too much? 😉

      • Meg Sorick · September 6, 2016

        Ha! That’s it exactly! And I would cheer for her! (As I imagine many others would too!) 😀

      • samdfb1 · September 6, 2016

        Indeed! 😉

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