Meanwhile in Germany…

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Hello and hi. You probably think I am going to write about Germany and how they along with the German people have acted with compassion as they have allowed refugees into their country-and how other EU countries are scratching their heads thinking…‘Erm…should we be doing the same? Or should we close our borders instead?’ Yup, I am not going to talk about at all. But instead, will touch upon other news in Germany. Just because.

So check it. The THIRD act of vandalism near Bavaria’s Lenggries municipality-near the Austrian border, has occured within the last FOUR months.  It has led to locals there looking for/hunting/trying to find who they have dubbed the “summit cross axeman.” What the what? Allow me. You are welcome.

The crazy culprit, who clearly is extremely naughty, only strikes in the dead of night. Of course he does. He knows what he is doing is wrong and therefore acts under the cover of darkness. Shame on him. This crazy person recently attempted to saw down a wooden cross on top of Schafreuter mountain, which was 2.8 metres tall and weighed approximately 250kg. I have no idea of what that even means-I am American and my people deal in feet, pounds and ounces. Just know that it is tall and heavy. In brief, this vandal cut down a wooden cross and back in May and July, when he cut down the wooden cross on Dudl-Alm in May and on Prinzkopt mountain in the end of July, according to The Guardian.

Witnesses who apparently passed the suspect, paint a picture of a man who is aged 30-40, with short, light hair and a slight beer belly. Hmmm….those so-called witnesses have now fingered practically every single male in Germany of that age. Great job, guys. But please be more specific when witnessing stuff. Further, a witness told the local newspaper that he had seen the man hacking away at the wooden cross and that he “acted like a wild animal.” Hmm…and the witness witnessed this and said nothing? But I guess if I saw someone with an ax, chopping down a wooden cross, I would be a bit conservative with my words and actions and pretend not to notice. I get it. I do understand.


Apparently the tradition of erecting crosses at the summit of montains or as boundary markers can be dated back to the 13th century. However, they became particularly popular in the 20th century. Some of these crosses are even equipped with scientific instruments-to monitor aliens. Ok, I made that up. Primarily these crosses are used as religious symbols.

Image result for image of Lenggries, Germany cross on mountain

Deputy head of the police force in Bad Tolz, Germany told the local media that the culprit “must have something against Christian symbols.” Please someone give this deputy head a gold star, a prize, a medal-for real. I mean, it is quite obvious that the person has a ‘problem’ with Christian symbols. Come. On.

Later, the deputy head speculated that The Swiss Freethinkers were responsible. You see, The Swiss Freethinkers, a humanist association, recently called for a ban on summit crosses and said “There are certain groups who say nature belongs to everyone and should therefore not be claimed as religious symbols.” Perhaps they have a point. But The Swiss Freethinkers were NOT responsible for hacking down the wooden crosses. I mean, who does that? Well, when the Swiss Freethinkers got wind that Deputy Dawg was talking smack about them, they reacted and dismissed the speculation-which was really an allegation, and said it was “absurd and defamatory.” Yes, yes it was. I think that Deputy head needs to apologise to those Swiss Freethinkers. Later, Andreas Kyriacout, the president of The Swiss Freethinkers indicated that while his  organisation was totally against erecting wooden crosses, they would NEVER condone vandalism. Nope.

So the search continues for an ax wielding person who is taking out wooden crosses in this part of Germany. That being said, The German Alpine Association is attempting to rebuild the cross on Schafreuter-in time for a mass to be held on the mountain in October. Dear German Alpine Association: if you are reading this…just wanted to say ‘Thanks.’ That is all.

Cheers/Auf Wiedersehen



  1. ladyofthecakes · September 3, 2016

    Was in Lenggries last week. No sighting of any axmen or lobbed-off crosses that I can report on…

    • samdfb1 · September 3, 2016

      Ahh were you really? Ok. Thanks for the update. Massive relief.

      • ladyofthecakes · September 3, 2016

        Yup. Also found a fantastic café in Bad Tölz 🙂

      • samdfb1 · September 3, 2016

        Cue applause. Yeah! 😉

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