What the Electoral Reform Society said…

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Hello and hi. Kindly cast your mind back when BREXIT was a thing. It was thing which we all mulled over, myself included and largely ignored either potential outcome, especially the outcome which later became our reality-which said that we were no longer manacled to the EU with all its directives, rules and regulations. You see all that stuff was like an albatross around our British necks-not mine-as I am ‘Murican. But as an American living in Britain, I could feel the unease in the force, as the date of the referendum vote on BREXIT loomed periously close. And then it happened. People voted. But people voted the WRONG way. Some people actually thought their vote would not count and cast their votes as easily as one goes into a shop to buy a Euro lottery ticket. So, the following morning-the nation woke up and thought ‘what just happened?’

Now the Electoral Reform Society has produced a report. Not sure why, I mean-we all know what happened-we were ALL present. In brief, the report indicated that the EU referendum campaign was dogged by “glaring democratic deficiencies” with voters turned off completely by well known politicians, along with negative campaigning. But, I guess that is part and parcel of politics. Further, the ERS fairly and quite rightly so-attacked BOTH sides of the referendum campaign and indcated that people felt “ill-informed” by the “dire” debate, as repoted on the BBC website. Well, of course they did. It was horrible. It was total scare tactics and frankly, I have enough to be scared of in this world-I do not need BREXIT weighing down on my shoulders. Come. On.

Further, the ERS said that the impact of political leaders had been “minimal.” Yikes, am guessing the politicians were a bit cross to have heard/read that. In addition, the ERS called for a “root and branch” review of the way referendums are run. Indeed they are correct. The report included that perhaps having a public body intervene in the future, when “misleading” claims, broadcasters scaremongering as well as having a “rule book” to govern conduct by campaigns. Well, that might work-but I seriously doubt it. How about this? Why don’t people just inform themselves regarding the issues and make a decision based on their own opinions. And maybe think about the impact of BREXIT on themselves and others like farmers, fisherman et al. Because maybe if they had, they would have voted REMAIN. Which is exactly how I would have voted, had I been permitted to vote. But I am a Yank, so I cast my (overseas) ballot in American elections.

Anyway, their report said a lot more. If you are interested you should read it. It is never too late to educate yourself. Yup. So now, what are we left with? Well:

  • David Cameron is no longer Prime Minister. He was in the REMAIN camp. He stepped down and handed the baton over to Theresa May. No election, nothing. More like: ‘I am outta here/Audi5000…you lot figure it out for yourself.’ I doubt David Cameron spoke in this way, but the sentiment was very similar.
  • Ex-Mayor Boris Johnson who was in the LEAVE campaign and tipped to be the next PM became Foreign Secretary. Please read that sentence again. I just love me some Boris Johnson but the man is a buffoon. But he is a highly intellgent and locquacious buffoon. That, I give him. Respect.
  • We saw Nigel Farrage (who backed BREXIT)  step down. Thank goodness. He then went over to the US to support Donald Trump. Erm…my American brothers and sisters…please keep him, you can have him. We no longer want him. That would be great, thanks.
  • Prior to the vote, there was an increased anti-immigrant rhetoric being thrown around-which is never good.  Then post vote, hate crimes increased all over Britain. Polish shopkeepers found bricks thrown though their shop windows. A schoolboy in London walked around with his BRITISH passport in his pocked to show to anyone, who gave him any problems-that he belonged here. So heartbreaking. Loads of other stuff happened too.

Post BREXIT vote

So, Theresa May became our new PM and she confirmed that ‘Brexit means Brexit.’ Must have been a bitter pill for her to swallow-especially since she was in the REMAIN campaign. But such is life.

So TM decided to create 2 new Whitehall departments just to deal with Brexit. So now we have the Department for Exiting the European Union (led by David Davis) and the Department for International Trade (led by Liam Fox). So that means with 2 new departments created, staff must be hired. So a recruitment drive is currently under way, especially for trade negotiators. Hmm…I shan’t be applying. For real.

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The art of the deal-the devil is in the details

So the poor civil service now has to identify EVERY law that derives from the EU. And once article 50 has been triggered (and it will be) it will formally start the 2 year negotiation process with the EU. Two things: I really hated EU law when I studied it. It was extremely complicated and I didn’t think it was relevant to me. Number 2: Dear France and Germany: this process is going to take 2 years. Oh I know you feel me Germany… but you Mr. France, you seem to want to rush us Brits. Theresa May is not to be rushed. You have been told. Yes, yes you have. To recap, the civil service needs to examine laws that derive from the EU before Article 50 is triggered….and this process is going to take 2 years. Be patient, France. Further there will be loads of talks, discussions and reports published during this period. This is what they will cover:

  • Britain’s legal separation from the EU
  • A free trade agreement with the EU
  • Interim cover for the UK between leaving the EU and a free trade agreement coming into force
  • UK accession to full membership of the World Trade Organisation
  • new agreements to replace deals that currently link the EU and 53 other countries
  • Co-operation on foreign, defence and security policies

That is a lot of stuff to do. Like tons. Sir Andrew Cahn predicts that all of this could be accomplished by 2035. Oh. My. Lakshmi. Yes, that is nearly 20 years from now or until somewhat satisfactory deals with the EU and other trading parnters are done and dusted.  Well we know where America stands, as Obama told the Brits to stand right at the very back of the queue. Yikes Obama, I have mad love for you-but that was kind of a harsh thing to say to the Brits. For real.

Image result for brexit meme

Image result for brexit meme

In conclusion, what lies before us as a nation is no easy task-untangling ourselves from the EU is easier said than done. However, I have faith in Theresa May-she seems to be competent and strong in equal measure. I don’t think she will have time for little else though, but we shall see.

Oh and…thanks for reading this ladies and gentlemen, this post was terribly long.  Thanks for hanging in there. Respect. That is all.



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