Strictly Judge Rinder

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Hello and hi. I was going to blog about BREXIT today. Can you say ‘boring’? Well, I may blog about it later, considered yourself warned. But for now, I am all about Judge Rinder. I simply HEART him. Yes, Yes I do. If you have not tuned into his show on ITV-please do so now. Thanks. I suppose you could compare him to Judge Judy back home. Of course there are stark differences between the pair-Judy is lass and Robert is a lad. Judy is  a judge and Robert is a barrister. But in their roles, they interpret the legal system and do so on the telly in a court setting. Like I said, Rinder is a barrister, however for TV purposes, he is a ‘Judge.’ Judge Rinder is so great. I actually have been known to revise for contract law by watching his show. He is clear, concise and explains points of law with such clarity, that it makes my teeth hurt. He will also on his show ‘Judge Rinder’ refer to cases that I am familiar with. And when I hear someone reference a case that I actually know…it kind of makes my day. Yes, yes it does.  Oh sure, you may say he is sarcastic, snarky and probably mean too. But you know what? He knows the English Legal System quite well and sometimes, silly people need tough love in the form of snarky sarcasm. Oh boy, does he give it. But to be honest, he is fair and equitable in his judgments.

I actually met Judge Rinder once. I was terribly excited and quite nervous too. I had so much to tell him! But instead, I think I said something dumb like : ‘yellow and blue make green’. Ok, I didn’t say that. We briefly talked shop-about the life of a barrister.  In the finish, he was very kind-am sure he has loads of people coming up to him-and he was pretty gracious. In brief, he was kind, elegant and pretty well dressed. Oh, did I mention that I HEART Judge Rinder? Anyway, my day was made upon speaking to him.

So check it, Judge Rinder has been named in the Strictly line up. Strictly Come Dancing is pretty popular here in the UK-I think the American equivalent is called Dancing With the Stars….and I think even the judges are the same (they travel across the pond)-but I don’t know for certain.  Anyway, Strictly is starting soon and I am beyond excited. Rinder recently told BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills: “The only thing I knew would make my grandmother more proud than watching my TV courtroom was to see me dressed up in white tie doing the foxtrot…so although I suspect the latter will be far more difficult, I am doing Strictly Come Dancing for her.” Oh gosh. How sweet is that? Further, any man, woman or child who does something to honour the memory of their grandmother…well, that person is right up my street. For real.

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Strictly Come Dancing commences on 3 September. I will be watching in delightful glee-indeed I will. Plus, I have signed up to receive tickets. I hope I get selected. I have signed up for every single show in the season-of course I will only get selected to attend one show. Fingers crossed. #Team Rinder. That is all.




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