A Pair of Queens…

Kate (pictured) stunned in this little red number that looked very similar to Mary's

Hello and hi. Our Kate, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge has not been in the news as of late. I guess, she is entirely way too busy raising her children, cleaning and cooking-and yes, there is some general DIY to do as well around her house. Oh and she has to also take the rubbish out and remember which days to recycle what- as paper and plastic are collected on different days. And as for that husband of hers, well, I hear he is not working a full 40 hour week-but does he help around the house? Nope. he does not.

Ok, so perhaps I am poking fun of our Kate. It is only because I like her. I like to be jealous of her…more like it. I mean, not every commoner gets to marry a Prince, wear Alexander McQueen designs, travel for free and look postively glamours. I mean, I kind of need that in my life. I especially need that red dress of hers by Alexander McQueen-but am sure I can get a knock off version at TKMaxx (back home its called TJMaxx) but I digress, as per usual.

So Kate has not been in the news is the point I am trying to make. But recently, some here have drawn some startling comparisons between our Kate and another princess. Meet Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Those princess-girls are pretty similar. Some say they might even be the same person, but I seriously doubt it. But they look the same and have a similar dress sense. They are not quite dopplegangers of each other but they are pretty darn close.

Both Princess Mary and the Duchess of Cambridge started out as commoners-but both women find themselves in the unique position, in that they are set to be Queen one day. Lucky them. Living the dream. Mary is Australian-born, and married Denmark’s Prince Fredrik in 2004. Both Mary and Kate are well known for their elegance and fashion sense. Oh please. If I had all that royal money, butlers and free travel- I would also be known for my elegance and fashion sense. Come. On. Instead, I have to pay for my transporation…which I am usually running for in my trusty brougues, with my shirt half tucked in and half tucked out. The point I am trying to make here, is that if my life was made easier by money and royal connections-I too would rock the classic and elegant look that these lovely ladies do. For real.

So Mary is 44 and our Kate is 34 years old. Both women are strikingly beautiful-I will give them that. They both have young families and royal responsibilities (which do not include taking out the paper and plastic recycling). In addition, both women have a similar taste in fashion. Please see below for the pictures. As pictures do not lie.

Mary met her future husband Prince Frederik during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, before they married in 2004Kate first met Prince William when they studied together in Scotland in 2001, however they didn't marry until 2010

Our Kate is way too thin. Am I right about this? Yes, yes I am. Please someone give that girl a cheeseburger. Seriously. But Kate looks great in her Stella McCartney dress which can be yours for only £685. Total Bargain. Not.

Mary (pictured) looked gorgeous in this stunning blue dress during an event in Denmark in MayBoth Kate (pictured) and the Australian-born princess share exquisite fashion sense, often dressing in similar style dresses or shades - as these two blue dresses shows

Here is Kate pictured with the Alexander McQueen dress I need in my life. Mary’s dress is also nice-however, I don’t need that one as much.

Can you tell if this is Mary or Kate? It's no surprise if you can't with the pair often looking almost identicalKate (pictured) stunned in this little red number that looked very similar to Mary's

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik have four children - Christian, 10, Isabella nine, and five-year-old twins Josephine and Vincent

Kate and William also enjoy the snow judging by this picture of them with their two children George three and Charlotte one


But it's not just with primary colours that the princesses match, with both Mary (pictured) and the English royal wearing similarly patterned green and blue frocksKate (pictured) wore this unique dress during a trip to India alongside Prince William earlier this year

The elegant princesses also know how to dress up for the occasion wearing similarly toned gownsAs per usual, Kate looked stunning in this crystallized lilac ball gown

And there you go. I think you get the point… now that I have posted pictures ad nasuem. And for anyone out there who wants to grow up and marry a prince. Go for it. These two did-and lived happily ever after. Respect. That is all.







  1. nbratscott · August 30, 2016

    Both could use some meat on their bones!

  2. Yvonne · August 31, 2016

    Hey, leave the ladies alone! Too fat, too thin, folks are never satisfied!

    • samdfb1 · August 31, 2016

      Ok. Will try. I can only try. Yup. 😉

  3. Yvonne · August 31, 2016

    Hah, I shan’t hold my breath. 😚

    • samdfb1 · August 31, 2016

      Cheah! Probably best…;)

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