Constable ‘Hotstuff’

Superintendent Bobby Singleton

Hello and hi. Meet Constable ‘Hotstuff.’ I mean, I can see why you would call him that-he is a bit easy on the eyes, not to mention that he is a doppleganger for Ben Afleck. For real.  Meet Superintendent Bobby Singleton (I seriously doubt that he is single…I mean) he is a policeman from Nothern Ireland, and he was recently in a Facebook video-giving some safety tips to some youths, ahead of an upcoming festival in Belfast-which included tips about drinking responsibility and applying liberal amounts of sunscreen to avoid turning flamingo pink. But no one was paying much attention to his carefully constructed advice. They were more interested in the eye candy on offer, on the video. Judging by the comments left on the video, Constable ‘Hotstuff’ was a pretty big hit with both men and women. Of course he was. I mean, ‘duh.’

Someone left a comment which said:“I feel I speak for a large percentage of the female population in NI when I say, if more police officers looked like that – I’d find a new rule to break every weekend… And three on a bank holiday,” Another said, “Seriously are they trying to encourage women to try and get arrested?” One bloke found this officer so handsome that he even may be questioning his own sexuality. Yup.  He later added, “I like to think I’m straight, but even I looked at that picture and thought ‘Jesus, he’s handsome!’

According to Newsbeat, BBC-who had contaced the Police Service of Nothern Ireland, wanting a comment, was told that Bobby Singleton was not currently commenting on his newfound popularity. Well now, that is a crying shame. Yes. Yes, it is. That is all.




  1. Meg Sorick · August 26, 2016

    Like I need a new Irishman to fantasize about! Geez! 😉

    • samdfb1 · August 26, 2016

      Waha! Right? Join the club! 😉

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