Bishop Bell School

Hello and hi. I don’t like telling people what to do (actually I do) but please heed my advice when I tell you that you should NOT send your child to Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne-situated on the south coast of England. Best home school your children or just let them run wild in the streets but please don’t send them to this school. You have been warned. You are welcome.

Check it, I hate to make broad generalisations but sorry (not sorry) the facts simply speak for themselves. What on earth is going on at that school? Good grief. Enough histrionics. Allow me to get on with the getting on.

The Bishop Bell School (full title: The Bishop Bell Church of England Mathematics & Computing Specialist School) is a mixed secondary, Church of England 11-16 voluntary aided school in Eastborne. The school offers a post 16 (sixth form) college and has an on-site nursery for small humans aged 3-5. So far, so normal.

Well now, ‘so far, so normal’ sadly does NOT apply to this school. This school has been rocked by a couple of scandals. All of them played out in the media for us all to witness the horror and judge the teachers and students there accordingly. Yes, yes indeed. Bishop Bell School has been at the centre of THREE major child safeguarding problems, including a child sexual abuse scandal.

They are as follows: In February 2009, teaching assistant Robert Healy was jailed for 7 years after he admitted grooming 2 girls using the social networking site Bebo, followed by having sext with them. 7 years? Make that 70 and throw away the key if I were the Judge.

Canon Gordon Rideout was allowed to remain chair of the school governors for more than a year-despite having been suspended by the Church of England following a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check and desite the school being aware. Oh my Lakshmi. Rideout was jailed for 10 years in May 2013 for abusing 36 vulnerable girls and boys at a now closed Barnardo’s home in Crawley, West Sussex, over a 4 year period between the 1960’s and 1970’s. My God, that makes me want to vomit in my mouth. Yes, yes it does.

In September 2012, maths teacher, Jeremy Forrest was arrested in Bordeaux, and was subsequently charged by Sussex Police with the abduction of a 15 year old female pupil. The pair hatched the plan to run away and escape as they apparently fell in love.  Forrest was found guilty in June 2013 after pleading GUILTY to 5 further charges of sexual activity with a child and was jailed for 5 1/2 years. The judge said that Forrest had been repeatedly warned by colleagues but he had lied to them and had been motivated by self-interest. Although a review published in April 2013 did not find evidence of “any significant or systematic failings in safeguarding” following the Forrest verdict but there were calls for headteacher Terry Boatwright to be sacked (fired).

Jeremy Forrest has now been released. He and his teenage girlfriend kept in touch while he was in prison and she promised to wait for him on the other side of freedom. Thankfully, that little girl saw sense and broke it off with him. Like I said, Forrest is out, now 33 and has a 29 year old girlfriend. He will never work as a teacher again. Ever. He has now reinvented himself as a wannabe rocker.

Pictured below is Jeremy Forrest with his then wife. Of course their marriage broke down during the trial. Man, she dodged that bullet by divorcing him.

So there you have it-some information on Bishop Bell School. Parents, mind your children, keep them close and protect them in equal measure. That is all.



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