Team GB: Rio Olympics 2016

Hello and hi. Have just returned from Rio. And by ‘Rio’ I mean some ‘me’ time where I just spent time with me, myself and I. Am back now. So, let’s get on with the getting on.

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Team GB! Respect. Well done! Team GB beat China to finish second in the medal table. Please read that again. Now, read it 10 more times. Thanks. Britain finished the Games with 27 golds in 15 sports.

Rio 2016 Medal Table-Top 3

Gold Silver Bronze Total
USA 45 37 38 120
Great Britain 27 23 17 67
China 26 18 26 70

Team GB pretty much smashed their pre-Games target of at least 38 medals, which was set by UK Sport. This means that Rio 2016 is the nation’s MOST successful ‘away’ Games in history.

China, with a population of 1.357bn to Britain’s 64.1m, have amassed more medals (70) than Team GB in Brazil, achieving notable success in table tennis, diving and weightlifting. HOWEVER, GB is ahead on GOLDS-which is what the rankings are based on. Oh, you thought because we are a small country we couldn’t do it? Well, we did. Team GB really gave Britain something to cheer about. We are so proud of each and every one of you-and yes, you too Tom Daley-we just adore you. Well done Team GB!

In closing, I will miss the closing ceremony for the Olympics, but I doubt it will be as GREAT as it was the last time around, when The Spice Girls performed at The London Olympics -as they re-formed for the first time in FOUR years, as they handed the Olympic torch over to Rio. And that was pretty great, seeing all that girl power reunited on the telly.  Even though Victoria Beckham looked none too pleased to be there and Scary Spice was wearing something that was clearly painted onto her skin-and quite frankly, only Beyonce is capable of pulling off an outfit like that. But maybe Scary Spice she was channeling her inner-Beyonce. We all do it. Yes, yes we do. But, I digress. Now it is time for the Paralympics. Watch this space…





  1. Yvonne · August 22, 2016

    Due to your influence, I dreamed about Gerry Hall and her hubby last night! They were very happy. 🙂

    • samdfb1 · August 22, 2016

      Cheah! Excellent Yvonne. I am glad they appeared to be happy in your dreams. I have no news regarding them-this means they are staying under the radar. Everyone wins. 😉

      • Yvonne · August 22, 2016

        Indeed! 🙂

      • samdfb1 · August 22, 2016


  2. Phil Taylor · August 25, 2016

    Aren’t you American? Shouldn’t you be rooting for us? Our swimmer Ryan Lochte won the gold in “Stupidity in a Foreign Country”

    • samdfb1 · August 25, 2016

      I am as American as apple pie. I was rooting for Team USA. But had to root for Team GB as well-or else risk banishment. They banish people here you know. Is there any coming back for Ryan? I thought that at 32 you had a little sense…not in his case. Clearly.

      • Phil Taylor · August 25, 2016

        I always root for GB too. It’s my second favorite country.

      • samdfb1 · August 25, 2016

        Ditto. 😉

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