Team Max Whitlock

Hello and hi. I am Team Max Whitlock. How great was he? Oh and what a terribly English name that is, in my opinion. Gymnast Max Whitlock brought home 2 Olympic GOLD medals yesterday. Cue massive applause. Whitlock, 23, gained Britain’s FIRST Olympic  gold in the sport in the men’s floor exercise. Later, he won his SECOND gold medal by beating British team-mate Louis Smith in the men’s pommel horse. Respect. And as for you, Louis Smith, I will deal with you later. Just.You. Wait. Not shaking your teammates/Whitlock’s hand on the podium-what was that all about? Like I said, I will deal with you later, mate.

Whitlock has now won FIVE Olympic medals. Having earned bronze in the all-around last last week to add to 2 bronzes-in the team event and pommel horse at London 2012. Whitlock’s victory on the pommel came less than 2 hours after winning the floor event. He later added, “I knew I had to refocus as I had another job to do,” Just so great. You just gotta love that guy. He should run for leader of the Labour Party. Buh-bye Jeremy Corbyn. But, I digress.

Whitlock and British Gymnastic History

Whitlock made British gymnastic history in Rio. Having won Britain’s first all-around Olympic medal in 108 years as he took bronze Wednesday,  as he gained the nation’s first Olympic gold in the men’s floor, with a score of 15. 633. Wow. Just wow. Our Max is a Commonwealth champion, European champion, world champion and now DOUBLE Olympic champion. A huge congrats to Max Whitlock.

“He’s Commonwealth champion, European champion, world champion and now double Olympic champion. He’s done everything.”

Whitlock, centre, won two golds today and looked happy alongside US bronze medallist Alexander Naddour, right, but Smith, left, struggled to smile

Pictured above is Team GB’s Louis Smith, Max Whitlock and Team USA’s Alexander Naddour. And well done to Team USA for bringing home the Bronze. Respect. That is all.




  1. LdF · August 15, 2016

    Max was a resident of 3 Marlborough Rd a year ago before succumbing to floor droppings of his food

    • samdfb1 · August 15, 2016

      Oh dear. You had to go there dad. This Max is a human not a bird. I know you know this. 😉

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