Theresa May on holiday

Hello and hi. It is that time of year when everyone goes on holiday. That includes ex PM’s and current PM’s. Earlier in the week I wrote about Tony Blair and David Cameron who have recently enjoyed their holidays-if I had a vacation aboard a private yacht, I too would enjoy my hols…. I mean LIFE. Living the dream, these ex-Prime Ministers. Prime Minister Theresa May is about to go on holiday in Switzerland, and will be returning to the UK, 10 days later on the 24th of August. She will not be checking her emails. She probably needs some down time anyway. And guess who also used to holiday in Switzerland? Our Margaret Thatcher. Have you been to Switzerland? I have not been yet…truth be told, I don’t think Switzerland is ready for me, but I digress. Pictured below are current and previous PM’s in Switzerland. Respect.

Theresa May walking the Hohbalmen above Zermatt in 2014


Theresa May is a keen hiker and has travelled to Switzerland for more than 3 decades. Nice gig, if you can get it. There is an expectation here in the UK, that if you are indeed PM, you should take a holiday in the European Union or have a ‘staycation’  and holiday somewhere in Britain. Quite silly, but true. Anyway, Switzerland is a member of NEITHER the EU or the European Economic Area-although it does have access to the single market. #Confusing.

Anyway, the Swiss Alps has been a regular holiday destination for May and her hubs, for THREE decades-particularly Lucerne, a town also beloved by Queen Victoria. Late Lady Thatcher also visited Switzerland during her premiership, when she stayed with retired Tory MP Sir Douglas Glover at his lakeside home in Schloss Freudenberg. Lakeside home? I need that in my life. For real.

May remarked that Switzerland was indeed a wonderful summer destination and that “the views are spectacular, the air is clear and you can get some peace and quiet. “ She later added that she was disappointed not be able to visit in June, as Parliament was still sitting-and that June in Switzerland is the best time for wild flowers. May also added, “The key thing is to go well prepared – and invest in a good pair of walking boots,” Clever woman. Heed her words, people-if you plan on going to Switzerland. Also, mountain walks are a passion May shares with German chancellor, Angela Merket who is known to take walking holidays in Tyrol, in the Austrian Alps.

Man oh man, Switzerland sure is beautiful. Don’t you agree? With that being said, have a bril holiday Theresa May!





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