Poor Little Rich Boy (Not)

Hello and hi. Earlier, I blogged about the recent death of the Duke of Westminster. I incorrectly said that he was the godfather to Prince George. I was wrong. In fact, it is the son of the said Duke of Westminster’s son, Hugh, who is godfather to our future king of England. I was wrong. It happens. Rarely. Almost never. Actually never, ever. I think you get the point. That being said, I wanted to write about Hugh Grovesnor, 25, the eldest son of the Duke of Westminster, who has now inherited his Pa’s 9 BILLION pound estate,and of course, his title. Isn’t old money grand? Yes, yes I think it is. Ok, let’s do this.

Hugh, or ‘Hughie’ to his friends is now the 7th Duke of Westminster. Slowclap. Oh my Lakshmi, please let me have a title in my next life. I don’t think that is too much to ask. Come. On. Hughie graduated from Newcastle University. I find it surprising that he did not attend Oxbridge-but perhaps he did not want to go there. What the what? Who on God’s green earth does not want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge? I would have loved to have attended, but I did not apply. I know my limits. Yes, yes I do.

Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor is set to inherit his Pa’s money and land, as previously mentioned. Well, there are worse things in life I suppose. In addition, he was asked to be Prince George’s godfather in 2013 by his pal, Prince William. Further, he is set to receive the family seat in Cheshire, Eaton Hall. I don’t even know what that means-but I can tell you that he will not receive some banged up crusty old Lazy-Boy chair. That I know for certain. Yup.  Hugh, who is now the 7th Duke of Westminster, will inherit his father’s wealth (have I mentioned this already?), which includes around 100 acres of Mayfair and 200 acres of Belgravia – two of the most expensive areas in the UK. The land is so costly that, in 2002, the Grosvenor Group sold a 65sq ft parking space in Mayfair for £65,000. My word.

Anyway, here is our Hugh pictured below with his ‘rents.’
The Duke And Duchess Of Westminster with their newborn son, Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor, in 1991Hugh will now inherit the estate
I love how uber rich people look terribly elegant and totally at ease. Oh I could look elegant and at ease too-if I wanted too. But I usually don’t have the time or inclination for such nonsense. But we are all different. Yes, yes we are.
Below is our Hugh at Prince George’s christening. So jealous, this kid gets to go to all the nice events. For real.
The new Duke of Westmister (centre) with James and Pippa Middleton at Prince George's christening in 2013

Hugh is not known to have a girlfriend. But I am guessing his enourmous inheritance is likely to make him one of Britain’s eligible bachelors. Poor chap is going to beating off women (and probably men too) with a stick…not a stick per se, but with a restraining order. For real.

Unusually  (and interestingly so), Hugh and his THREE sisters (who will get nothing) were educated at a state primary school on The Wirral, near their home, before attending a private day school, Mostyn House. Wow, they didn’t even go to boarding school. Terribly shocking. Anyway, Hugh and his sisters-who-will-receive nothing were later pupils at co-educational Ellesmere College in Shropshire. The school costs up to 10K a term to attend. Hugh went on to study countryside managment at Newcastle University. Interesting, I did not know you could major in how to be a farmer. Shows how much I know. Later, Hugh was a student at University of Oxford. But please note that he went to University of Newcastle FIRST. Yes, yes he did.

After graduating, Hugh worked in estate managment for the Grosvenor Group before becoming an accounts manager at coffee recycling firm ‘Bio-Bean’-they collect waste coffee grounds and convert them into biofuels and biomass pellets…while they themselves drink coffee from FRESH coffee grounds. All true. I deal in truth, people.

Our Hugh is known to be a quiet chap. Yup. With all that money, I would keep a low profile too. However, it is known that he did celebrate his 21st birthday in style. Yeah for him. It was reported that his birthday bash cost £5 million and featured an A-list guest list, including Prince Harry. In fact, Prince Harry was among 800 guests who enjoyed Hugh’s birthday. I don’t even know 80 people. But like I said, we are all different.

Pictured below is a lovely family photo. The man standing next to him is his brother-in-law. He is also pictured alongside his Mum and sisters, who will probably be penniless in the future.

The Duchess of Westminster (second from left) with her children Lady Edwina (left), Lord Hugh (third from right), Lady Tamara (second from right), and Lady Viola (right). Lady Edwina's husband, Dan Snow is pictured next to the Duchess

There is not much more to say about the 7th Duke of Westminster. I mean, he is 25 years old, University educated and likes Austrian goats. Ok, I made that up. But seriously, he is single and ready to mingle. So…call him. That is all.





  1. Meg Sorick · August 10, 2016

    Seriously the girls don’t get anything? Not even some cold hard cash? That rots in hell!

    • samdfb1 · August 10, 2016

      Well, upon further (and much needed research) I found that the lovely lasses of the deceased, will be bestowed with a nice trust fund. Living the dream. Apparently. 😉

      • Meg Sorick · August 10, 2016

        I wonder if they need a chaperone. Cause I’m free!

      • samdfb1 · August 10, 2016

        Waha! Right? I hear that. Word. 😉

  2. nbratscott · August 10, 2016

    How recent is that last photo? He looks about 15 y/o!

    • samdfb1 · August 11, 2016

      Not sure about last picture,mate. But in penultimate picture-with Pippa in white dress-was taken 3 years ago, making him 22 at the time. I guess he is a youthful looking chap! 😉

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