How to vacation like an ex-PM

Mr Blair has long-standing links to the country, having been named three years ago as an adviser to Mr Ram

Hello and hi. In other news, it was reported that former Prime Minister Tony Blair and David Cameron went on holiday/vacation. Please know that they did NOT holiday together. This is how rumours get started and I deal in truth, people. Yes, yes I do. So, this happened…

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, 63, was seen relaxing with his wife, Cherie the barrister-Blair, on a yacht, on the Italian island of Sicily. Well now, good for them. Glad to see that a warmonger/war criminal and his legal eagle wife can take time out of their busy schedule, to holiday…on a yacht. Edi Rama was there too-he is the former Albanian prime minister. Nice of him to come along. Oh, and did I mention that our Cherie has previously acted as a lawyer for the Albanian government and Tony Blair was named as an adviser to Rama 3 years ago? And now they holiday together.  Please read the above sentence again. Does anyone else see what is wrong with that particular statment? My goodness. Jesus take the wheel.

Tony Blair has been spotted relaxing on a yacht off Sicily weeks after a tearful press conference to reveal his 'sorrow' at the aftermath of the Iraq War

The former PM wore an open necked shirt and shorts

And now for the picture below. Basically, once seen, it will be virtually impossible to unsee. Former Prime Minister? He looks like someone’s creepy Uncle. Mean? Perhaps. True? Absolutely.

He was wearing a jazzy pair of swimming trunks

Last week, former Prime Minister David Cameron was spotted on a beach in Corsica with his family. He probably needed the break. He has had a challenging time as of late. I would like to point out that his swimming trunks cost a £225. My goodness me. But then again, I would like a pair of Mulberry boots-so, who am I to judge? Yup.

Tony Blair was photographed in his trunks a week after David Cameron (pictured) was spotted on a beach in Corsica 

So as a former Prime Minister, you should expect some lovely holidays aboard a yacht or on the beaches of Corsica while wearing terribly expensive trunks. It is definitely a good gig (if you can get it)-being Prime Minister and all,  but not one I would choose. That is all.





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