Meet Britt Ekland

When she was new in Hollywood, 20th Century Fox told her to file down her ‘too long’ front teeth. She also had her ears pinned back 

Hello and hi. Meet Britt Ekland. However, if you are fan of James Bond-then you may already know who she is. That being said…please tell me you are fan of James Bond movies and that you have seen a healthy dose of them. Please tell me your all-time favourite Bond is Sir Roger Moore. If not, there is a chance we can not be friends.

Britt Ekland is a former Bond girl and Swedish sex kitten. Please know that I would never describe a woman as a ‘sex kitten.’ I am only writing what I have heard in the Press. Instead, I might refer to a woman as an ‘ocelot’ instead. Pictured below is an ocelot for your future reference. You are welcome, mate.

Eckland, who is now 73 describes herself in the following way, ‘I was brought up very strictly, I was brought up with impeccable manners. I had an impeccable education.’  Hmmm…says the woman who counts Peter Sellers, Rod Stewart, Warren Beatty, Lou Adler, George Hamilton and Lord Lichfield among her menagerie of husbands, lovers and conquests. My goodness. I have no words-but plenty of inside thoughts about her previous conquests.  And of course, it makes me wonder what sort of education she was referring to? But I will keep it clean people, my parents read this blog. Yup.

Britt Ekland, 73, reveals that she has not been 'interested in sex' for about 20 years
Eckland also boasts about working since whe was 14, as well as her knowledge of 4 languages (am guessing the language of love is one of them). In addition, she can cut a pattern, sew a dress, write the notation for a musical score and knows how to drive a tractor. Wow. Amazing woman. I can do exactly NONE of things listed above-but I get by. Just.
In addition, she is a petite little thing. Not too many septuagenarians can wear a size 8. Size 8? What is that about? I think I skipped size 8 completely. I sure did.
The ex-Bond girl said she doesn't want to be in a relationship and she sleeps with her pet chihuahua
I must admit, she looks good for her age. I mean, Swedish people usually are beyond gorgeous-so there’s that…and also she does pilates, weight lifting and power walking. I do all of those things…in my head of course. Sheesh. These old people can certainly make a young person like myself feel bad. What can I say….it is REALLY hard to tear myself away from Netflix’s  ‘Stranger Things.’ I mean, have you seen that show? It is a mix between X-files, The Goonies and Romeo and Juliet. But I digress (as per usual).
So anyway, Ekland certainly has strong opinions regarding older women-and recently said:
‘Joan Collins? Somehow she feels the need to be sexy at 83. I love Joan, but this is an image, an illusion. Just like her wigs, it is not reality.‘ Well hot damn. I guess you can say anything you like when you get old. I most certainly hope our Dame Joan Collins did not read that-or else it will be ‘handbags at dawn’ and aint NOBODY got time for that. Truth. Ekland later added, ‘I’m not like her. I don’t try to portray myself as sexy. If you call me “sexy Britt”, I will puke. I am going to be 74 years old, how can I be sexy?’ Oh and apparently Ekland and Collins ARE friends. Err…not after that. For real.

She has been in more than 200 films, including Get Carter, The Wicker Man and The Night They Raided Minsky’s. She is pictured here in 1974 

Ekland on beauty

On a recent episode of ITV’s Loose Women, Britt confessed that having cosmetic procedures when she was in her 50s was the worst thing she ever did. All she wanted was a bit of help in holding back the years and maintaining her celebrated beauty, but that is not what happened. She says,

‘It destroyed my looks and ruined my face. It was the biggest mistake of my life. When I look at photographs of myself before I had it done, I looked very good. I can see that now, but I couldn’t see it at the time.’

Well now, I don’t agree with plastic surgery at all. The lines, crows feet and sagging skin that will inevitably be bestowed upon me are really a fact of life. But, oh man, you better believe I will wear them like a badge of honour. I mean, I worked for that. And in my opinion-every line, every dimple, every foot of a crow,  tells a story-and I think you should be proud of your story. Of course, I speak for myself-if you want to have plastic surgery, go ahead…we still cool.

She famously appeared in the Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun with Roger Moore and Maud Adams (left) 

But I get it, we all make different choices. Ekland said she went ahead with the plastic surgery because she was feeling vulnerable and that she needed a bost. Further, she indicated that she had body dysmorphia and was overweight as a child. In fact, when she FIRST arrived in Hollywood, 20th Century Fox told her to file down her ‘too long’ front teeth. And she also had her ears pinned back. I guess you have to make these sacrifices as an actor. Oh you see why I am NOT an actor? If someone told me to change my appearance in order to secure a role, I would frankly tell them to ‘go to hell.’ But I would say it SO diplomatically, that they would actually be looking forward to their upcoming trip. But that’s just me.

In 1994 when Ekland was 52, she made an appointment to have her lips done by a Paris-based doctor with a visiting consultancy in Harley Street. Why oh why do women get their lips done? I have never seen a good outcome. Never. Ever. Not once. I think you get the point.

 She says she's not totally against plastic surgery, but warns her friends against having fillers

She is a good looking lady but at her advanced age is seriously thinking about getting some ‘fillers’ to tighten up her face. Oh. My. God. It is like an addiction for some people.

Britt grew up in Stockholm, where her father ran a department store and made sure she did a secretarial course, so that she would have something to fall back on if acting failed 

Career/Married life

Ekland has been in more than 200 movies-including: Get Carter, The Wicker Man, The Night They Raided Minsky’s and of course the Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun-where she played Mary Goodnight, opposite Roger Moore.

Ekland has always worked very hard, but she admits that she is better known for her love life rather than for her acting. Eckland was married to Peter Sellers in 1964-the pair had daugther, Victoria-but were divorced by 1968. In 1973 she had son, Nicolai, with record producer, Lou Adler. Then a decade after her son, Nicolai, she then married Stray Cats drummer, Slim Jim Phanton who was 18 years her juniour, but they divorced in 1992. All I can think of is that she was a cougar back in the day. But like I said, I refer to women as ‘ocelots’…mostly.

Britt put her career on hold to be with Rod Stewart and later sued him for $12 million when he was unfaithful to her. Among the men in her life, Rod is the only one with whom she is not on good terms 

These days, Ekland is still acting, as she does Christmas Pantos, reality shows and guest TV appearances. She is still pretty active and there are no signs of her slowing down. In brief, she seems pretty comfortable in her own skin. Well….her new skin, anyway. Yes, I said it.

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