Meet Shakira Caine

Hello and hi. Am guessing you know who Michael Caine is. Well done, you. But do you know much about his wife Shakira Caine? Well, you are about to. You are quite welcome. Shakira Caine (nee Baksh) was born 23 February 1947. She is a Guyanese-British actress and fashion model. Actually she is Lady Caine (as her husband was bestowed with a title, so now she has one too). Oh please, Lakshmi, let me have a title in my next life. I need that in my life. For real.

Shakira Caine was born in Guyana (formerly British Guiana) and is of Indian heritage. Her mother was a dressmaker, and Shakira aspired to follow in her mother’s footsteps as she became a fashion designer. Being a dressmaker and fashion designer are poles apart, but they are one in the same, in my opinion. Anyway, here is the lovely couple back in the day and present day. Err…it is quite apparent that she has aged rather gracefully (or rather, not at all). Omg. What a gorgeous woman.


While working as a secretary, Shakira was urged by her employer to enter the Miss Guyana contest-which she won. At the age of 19, she came THIRD in the 1967 Miss World contest held in London Town. Shakira decided to stay in the UK to launch a career in modelling. But today, one simply does not ‘decide to stay’ in the UK. There are rules as prescribed by the Home Office. Papers, Visas etc. Back then, it was easier. But I digress (as per usual).

So, after seeing Shakira on a British TV advert, for Maxwell House coffee in 1971, Michael Caine became OBSESSED with finding the woman he considered to be “the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.” Awww. Then, from a friend in the advertising business, he discovered that she only lived a few miles from him in London. Don’t you just love karma? The couple married in Las Vegas on 8 January 1973 and have one daughter, Natasha. Pictured below is the happy family. Goodness, Natasha is as stunning as her auld Ma.

Here is another picture of them from long ago, with daughter, Natasha

Acting career

In addition to TV adverts for Maxwell House, Shakira has appeared in several films, including:

  • Some Girls Do (1969)
  • Carry on Doctor (1969)
  • Dracula (1974) and appeared with her husband, Michael Caine in The Man Who would be King (1975)

Married Life

So, Shakira and Michael have been married for 43 years (according to my abacus).Wow. That is a long time. Respect. Remember when Kim Kardashian married her FIRST husband, Kris Humphries and it lasted 72 days, and which cost a reported 10 million? Plus it was on the telly. Ugh. I really can’t (or wont) say any more about KK or else I just may vomit. But here she is pictured on her wedding day.

Oh and here she is wedding number 2-with groom, Kanye West (who also makes me want to throw up in my mouth).  They are still married. Slowclap.


Married life cont./Marriage advice

Lady Shakira Caine and Sir Michael Caine have been married for 43 years. Sir Michael, 82, believes he knows the secret to a good marriage. Right then, get yourself a pen, people, and start jotting this down. For real.

In a recent interveiw, Sir Michael revealed that ‘The secret of a good marriage is two bathrooms. You never want to share a bathroom with a woman or you end up with a little corner for your shaving things and stuff. I am older than she is and I need more space’. So, there you go. However, not all of us have the luxury of having separate bathrooms. I mean, come.on.

Still going strong: Sir Michael has been married to Guyanese actress Shakira Caine since 1973
In closing, I would like to add that Lady Shakira Caine does NOT look 68 years old. I mean, clearly there is some straight up sorcery going on. Yup. Perhaps she has read ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’  Oh, you haven’t read it? Well, if we are to be friends, then you better read this novel by Oscar Wilde. That is all.


  1. samdfb1 · August 5, 2016

    She really is! You are probably right about visa situ. Yes- I need a portrait of my own!

  2. nbratscott · August 6, 2016

    Some guys……

  3. dweezer19 · October 21

    Thank you for this wonderful post! Made me smile a lot. I love Michael Caine, always have. I used to have gigantic crush on him (but I also have a huge crush on Tom Baker, Eric Idol, all things Harry Potter, and Pierce Brosnan-beginning to think it’s a Bitish thing) and loved him in so many films. He just seems to have so much character and depth. Now, to discover he has been with the same lovely partner all these years just solidifies that thought. She is beautiful. I’m a bit disgusted she had to share space with KK, even for a brief slam. Here’s to Michael Caine and Shakira, the beautiful! 🥂

    • samdfb1 · October 23

      Thank you for your kind comment! Glad you liked my post…oh and cheers for following me. I too heart MC…if I see him in LDN…I would be pretty excited. Yup. Will let you know…watch this space. Haaaa.

  4. samdfb1 · October 23

    ‘Brief slam’…. hah-larious…never heard that one before. Funny! 😂

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