Tyson Fury.UPDATE

Hello and hi. Believe it or not there are athletes out there I actually like and follow. But Tyson Fury is not one of them. My goodness, he is a piece of work. I previously blogged about him here in Who is Tyson Fury? So, you may want to check that out if you are not that familiar with him. But for now, here is the latest on the illustrious Tyson Fury.

Seriously though, that can’t be his real name. Tyson as his ‘Christian name’ (his first name, as they say here in the UK)-most likely pays homage to Mike Tyson. And as for his surname ‘Fury’ well, that is just to intimidate other boxers. I may need to see a birth certificate to verify that ‘Tyson Fury’ is indeed his name. But I am not in the habit of demanding people’s birth certificate-nor will I ever be.

It was recently reported that Tyson Fury, world heavyweight champion has been charged with a doping offence by the UK’s anti-doping body (Ukad). Ukad revealed that it had suspended Fury on the 24 June, the day that he announced he was pulling out of his rematch with Wlavimir Klitschko, because of injury. But Fury appealed and the suspension has now been lifted UNTIL a hearing in front of the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP)-date to be determined.

Fury, 27 says he will sue Ukad over its claims he used a banned drug. I would like to add here that Fury is as mad as a box of frogs. Someone who is as mad as a box of frogs has a crazy state of mind. Kind of a weird expression, as most people will not even have a box containing frogs. But Fury is mad as a box of frogs. Guess its all those banned drugs he takes. Yes, I said it.

The Sunday Mirror had reported on 26 June that traces of the banned substance nandrolene, were found in a urine sample taken from Fury in February 2015. Fury was understandably FURIOUS about it, as he was told that the banned substance would be pretty much undetectable. However, Fury, denied the claim and his ‘legal team’ has indicated that the results are contradictory. Of course they said that. In addition, Fury’s cousin and fellow boxer, Hughie, has also been charged. I would like to point out that Hughie’s Christian name is: Fire. Fire’s sister is  called: Brimstone-but she is not a boxer…yet.

Fury beat Ukranian Wladimir Klitschko to win the WBA and WBO heavyweight titles in November. I didn’t get to see the fight-but read plenty about it. Anyway, Ukad will not normally reveal if an athelete has been suspended until the hearing has taken place-but it said it made the news re Fury public, after comments from the boxer and his team had led to the matter becoming public knowledge.

According to the BBC, a spokeswoman said: “UK Anti-Doping can confirm that both boxers were charged on 24 June, 2016 with presence of a prohibited substance.” And later added, “The UK Anti-Doping Rules allow athletes to challenge the imposition of a provisional suspension and the independent National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP) today lifted the athletes’ suspensions, pending full determination of the charges…These charges will be heard at a hearing before the NADP in due course.”

On 24 June, Fury announced that he was pulling out of a planned Klitschko rematch, secheduled for 9 July, saying he had injured his ankle in training. Tripped over a needle full of steroids, which caused him to trip and injure his ankle, more like it. But I do not know, I was not there.

On Tuesday, Fury’s ‘legal team’ said proceedings had been issued in the High Court. Well, that should be interesting. I suspect the judge will be fair and listen to everything that Fury, that pugilistic person, will have to say. Watch this space, people. That is all.





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