Princess Beatrice. UPDATE

Hello and hi. Am guessing you are familiar with Princess Beatrice. If not, it is entirely possible that we may never be friends. That being said, she is the hardworking daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie. Pretty lass with ginger hair, nice bone structure and big, doe-like eyes. She also wears pretty fab hats too. And if you know me at all, know that I am mad about hats…in fact at times, I am a bit of a mad hatter, myself. But I digress.

It has recently been reported that Princess Beatrice/PB is about to launch her career as a business consultant. Hmmm. My thoughts on this? Here we go, I hope you are ready for me. Beatrice leaves her FOURTH job in FIVE years in order to launch her new career as a business consultant-as she resigned from her current post in New York to form her own ‘start up.’ Good luck Bea-I do honestly mean that. I think.

Princess Bea, 27, the eldest daugther of Princess Andrew and his ex-wife the  Duchess of York, has left her post with a Manhattan investment firm to pursue her ‘entrepreneurial ambitions.’ Interesting. Or not. I wonder if she got any tips from her Mum-who is now teaching the students of Huddersfield University, how to be an entrepenuer. The module will be aptly titled ‘How to be an entrepenur 101.’

However, at the moment, Princess Bea’s business plans appear to be on HOLD as she holidays in the Greek islands with friends, following a few weeks prior to that in the South of France. Ahh…she leads the life we all dream of-lucky duck.

However, my sources tell me that Princess Bea, the Queen’s grand-daguther had been ‘let go’ from her role in New York. No one likes to be ‘let go.’ But this was strongly denied by aides who maintained she was only in Britain for the month of June because of a ‘work project’ and to support the Queen during her 90th birthday celebrations. Whatever. She was TOTALLY let go. I know it and Princess Bea knows it too. Now, so do you. But sources insisted that she had moved to another department within the same company, Sandbridge Capital, and would subsequently return to work in early July. Last week, it was noted that Beatrice had not been at her desk for TWO months. Callers to the firm were told she ‘is no longer with the company.’ But most insist that she has resigned to form her own ‘start- up’, backed by Sandbridge. Resigned before she got fired, more like it. Yes, I said it.

Sandbridge Capital-a brief bio

Sandbridge advises and invests in fashion, health and consumer business. Yawn. They  boast that their portfolio includes major brands to include TopShop and Karl  Lagerfield. Well, someone has go to to do it.

So that is it in a nutsell. Wishing Princess Beatrice good luck in her new role! Oh and if you are reading this, Princess Beatrice (and I hope you are)…if you need any advice on hats or someone to write your press releases for you…look no further. Here I am, I am ready for you.




  1. LdF · August 1, 2016

    I prefer caps to hats…

    • samdfb1 · August 1, 2016

      Yes, I know. I haven’t seen your head or hair in years. LOL.

  2. nbratscott · August 2, 2016

    It’s good to hear that some people are still willing to put all on the line to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions!!

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