Bring it on BREXIT (I am ready for you)

Hello and hi. Our new Prime Minister has recently indicated that SHE will commence an exploratory committee to review how to implement BREXIT. That translates into: I will get to it when I get to it. Nobody will be rushing me into anything….and yes Francois Hollande of FRANCE, I am talking to YOU. In the interim, as she proceeds to procrastinate, this is what is happening at the mo(moment). You are welcome.

So now that BREXIT is official, does it mean that the UK will be separted into England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland? Who knows? But this is what people think:


Scotland has an interesting position, as they can legally argue to veto BREXIT and the polls are showing growing support for this. Scotland would no doubt be poorer outside of the UK but then again the the UK will be poorer outside the EU. The EU would most certainly let Scotland in-it will take ages. Hope you Scots are ready for that.


56% of peeps in NI supported REMAIN. Support for unification is growing. Further, the EU is more popular than on the mainland and ties with Ireland are strong.


Wales voted similar to England.


I know my original query did not include Wales and Gibraltar…sorry about that. But regarding Gibraltar-they voted strongly to REMAIN-as their economy is closely linked to Spain. So much to say on Gibraltar, but this is not the time or the place. Possibly later, peeps.


So, that is BREXIT for now, it in a nutshell. If you are interested in more (and I know you are) check out this good analysis from the BBC titled  What are Scotland’s options?

And as always, you are welcome, mate.





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