It is entirely TOO hot…

Hello and hi. It is entirely too hot here. Hope you guys are keeping cool. The heat we have been experiencing here in the UK is no joke.  It has been hot here-so hot, that I wondered if I was in the 7th circle of hell or if I was just near the earth’s core. Temps have soared to 34C, which is the equivalent to 93.2F. We here in the UK had heard about the imminet hot weather’s arrival, by way of the Sahara, but we were simply not prepared. I mean, who is EVER prepared to be roasted, fried and baked all at the same time? I am not an egg nor am I a potato.

Check it, it is hot and I don’t like to complain…much. But it is really, bloody HOT. But you know what? I am grateful. I am grateful because one day, in the not so distant future-sometime in mid February, the night will draw in around 3pm and darkness will be my sole companion (along with Netflix) and I will feel cold. I will feel cold because I would have discovered that my boiler is broken. So, no boiler means no HEAT or HOT WATER. Jesus take the wheel. But, on that day-I will remember this heatwave and be grateful. Then I will try and fit myself into my freezer. This is me, below. Totally kidding.

So British Summertime is well and truly here. How do I know this? Well by the heat, of course. But I also know it is summertime by the things people have been saying and  doing, like:

  • Every shop will be selling bags of charcoal
  • I am hearing the slap of flip-flops everywhere
  • People are drinking Pimms like it was water
  • People are complaining about the heat-yet are planning a holiday/vacation to go some place EVEN hotter
  • People are consuming salad, watermelons and chips of ice…garnished with parsley of course
  • The frozen aisle at Waitrose is pretty crowded-people are meeting and making new friends over frozen spinach and mixed veg
  • People are buying fans-despite owning 4 already
  • The ice cream man is counting his pennies-and thinking about purchasing a second home
  • People are getting sunburned…in their lunch hour
  • People in pubs are listening to Latvian rock music. Yes.

The heat makes us all do crazy things. True, it can get pretty miserable and I am actually sweating profusely as I type this. But I am GRATEFUL for this heat. That is all.

And my personal favourite, my daily grind and my own version of hell:



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