Meet Samantha Cameron

Hello and hi. Am guessing your interest in British politics and the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, is slowly waning. I get it. But real quick-Bodacious Boris got a key role in the cabinet as Foreign Secretary? What the what? Dreams come true, I guess. More like, ‘Send in the clowns.’ or ‘Who let the dogs out?’ I could go on, but being churlish (rude in a mean-spirited and surly way) is not my thing…well,  not for today anyway. Today, let’s meet Samantha Cameron, wife of the former Prime Minister-Dave-what’s-his-name. Ok, let’s do this.

How lovely is Samantha Cameron? Oh and GREAT name BTW. Do you know the meaning? I do. ‘Samantha’ is an Aramaic name (this language once replaced Hebrew locally for the language of the Jews)-the masculine form is ‘Samuel’ with ‘Samantha’ being the feminine version (using the name suffix ‘antha’-possibly inspired by the Greek word ‘anthos’ for flower). ‘Samantha’ means: the listener, listens well to a message from God. Now you know the meaning. Massive relief.


Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (nee Sheffield) was born on 18 April 1971. She is a businesswoman and wife of David Cameron (former PM of the UK). Until 13 May 2010, Cameron was the Creative Director of Smythson of Bond Street. Oh gosh. I L-O-V-E Symthson. Sam took on a part-time consultancy role at Smythson after her husband became Prime Minister.

I Just love Smythson and I even have a few leather notebooks from that lovely shop. Here are some more expensive things you can buy at Smythson…get ready to empty your pockets, people.

Anyway, Samantha Cameron is the elder daughter of Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet (a landowner descended from King Charles II of England) and Annabel Lucy Veronica Jones. My word. Girl got money, honey. Respect. Cameron’s parents divorced in 1974. Here is her father pictured below-he totally looks like what I imagine a Baronet to look like-oh and his house is nice too. I beleive the wife of a baronet is referred to as ‘Lady’-as a wife of a baronet, she has a courtesy title in her own right. Please God, let me have a title in my next life. Thanks.

Notable ancestors of Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron is the great-grandaughter of Conservative Member of Parliament Sir Berkeley Sheffield, and Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Bahamas, Mauritius and Trinidand and Tobago, who was a descendent of Charles II, and of the author/playwright Enid Bagnold. Sir Bede was the father of her maternal grandmother, Patricia Clifford-whom they called ‘Pepperment Pattie’ up until her death. Truth.


Cameron was educated at the School of St Helen and St Katharine, an independent school for girls in Oxfordshire. She then took A levels at Marlborough College. I have NO idea what A levels are, as I find the British education system pretty confusing. At this point, I am guessing while at Marlborough College she was older than 7 but younger than 18. If you know, then please let ME know. Thanks. Cameron did an art foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts, then went on to study Fine Art at the School of Creative Arts (part of the University of the West of England). Pictured below is Marlborough College. Wow. Just wow.


Apparently, David Cameron’s sister, Clare, also attended Marlborough College. It was at a party at Clare’s house-where Samantha, 16 at the time,  first met David. Later Clare invited Sam on a family holiday in Tuscany, from where the romance with David started. The couple married on 1 June 1996 at the Church of St. Augustine of Canterbury, East Hendred, Oxfordshire-five years before David Cameron became an MP.

The couple have had 4 children. Ivan Reginald Ian Cameron (2002-2009), Nancy Gwen Beatrice Cameron ( 2004), Arthur Elwen Cameron (2006) and Florence Rose Endellion Cameron who was born in 2010. Their first child, Ivan, was born with a rare combination of cerebal palsy and severe epilepsy and sadly died at the age of 6 at St. Mary’s Hospital, London. Florence Cameron’s third given name ‘Endellion’ is taken form the Cornish village of St. Endellion. The couple’s 4th child was born early while the Cameron’s were on holiday on Cornwall. Here is a family picture. With the lovely Ivan pictured separately-love this picture with the PM and his son. Adorb.


Work and Politics

Cameron’s work for Smythson of Bond Street won her a British Glamour Magazine Award for Best Accessory Designer in 2009. 2 days after her husband became PM, she announced she was stepping down for her full-time role to take on a consultancy role within Smythson for 2 days a week. She said the choice was hers alone and had been made after she discovered she was pregnant again and after was she described as an “understandably difficult year” attributed to the death of her first child, Ivan.

Charitable causes

Cameron is active for a number of charitable causes. In addtion, Cameron has volunteered for Dress for Success- a non-profit organisation which gives free clothes and advice about job interviews to women who are unemployed.  Cameron is also an ambassador for the charity Save the Children. In March 2013, after visiting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Cameron said:

“As a mother, it is horrifying to hear the harrowing stories from the children I met today, no child should ever experience what they have. With every day that passes, more children and parents are being killed, more innocent childhoods are being smashed to pieces.”

And there you have it. Now you know more about Samantha Cameron today than you did yesterday. I like her. In fact, I like her more than Michelle Obama, but of course I am entitled to my opinion-and so are you. Just know this: we still cool.





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