British Politics (Update)

Theresa May becoming MP for the first time in 1997 alongside her husband PhilipMrs Thatcher in her blue suit in Downing Street in 1979

Hello and hi. Pictured above are Theresa May and the late Margaret Thatcher. Funny how they BOTH have 2 arms and 2 legs-and appear to like the colour blue. I say this because everyone is banging on about how Theresa May will be the UK’s SECOND female Prime Minister. Great. Yeah. Respect. I am the only American on my street-do you see the papers reporting it? Is it even important? I think not.  I think you get the point I am trying to make here. That being said, I just wanted to quickly recap the current ‘state of play’ of British politics.  Just in case you missed it-here is what happened post-BREXIT:

The current state of British politics post-BREXIT is utterly shambolic. Yes, yes it is. Allow me to wax lyrical on this topic. Thanking you.

  • After the results of the EU Referendum, our PM-David Cameron resigned. It was only right and proper that he did, but everyone was shocked. He promised us a new PM by September. We assumed we would be given Bodacious Boris-Boris Johnson
  • Boris was tipped to be PM. Could he do it? He is clever-he went to Oxford you know. Only clever people go to Oxford. Truth. Boris was born in NYC-am guessing you did not know that. You do now.

Everyone loves Boris. Everyone loves Raymond too. Boris is clever, articulate but he is not PM material. But Boris was tipped for the job and people seemed largely happy with that.

  • Then Michael Gove MP, a chum of Boris and fellow member of the LEAVE campaign spectacularly stabbed Boris in the back and announced that he would run for leader of the Conservative Party. And while he fully respected his chum, Boris-Boris was simply not the man for the job, according to Gove. By Gove (By George) that was a total Judas move on Gove’s part. In fact, Gove made Judas look like Archangel Michael.
  • Meanwhile, the Labour party started to implode. It all started with Hilary Benn who either resigned from the cabinet or was fired by Jeremy Corbyn. We will never know.
  • So, for the Conservative leader race (we needed a new leader to replace David Cameron) we had: Gove, Theresa May and a woman MP who spent 20 years in the City in financial services by the name of Andrea Leadsom. I had never even HEARD of her. My money was on Theresa May. There were other people running as well.
  • Some votes were cast. Gove was not popular (no one likes a turncoat) it came down to Theresa May and Andrea Leadsome. Wow. TWO women candidates. I was terribly excited. Here they are pictured below:


  • Then, last weekend it went a bit ‘Pete Tong’ (wrong) for Leadsom when she told a Times Reporter that she was a better candidate than May, because she was a Mother. Theresa May has no children (nor does she plan to have any at this stage in her life. But maybe later…who knows). Well…Leadsom was backpeddling big time. She held like 32 press conferences (wearing that SAME concentric circle necklace) she tried to explain how she had been hoodwinked, misled and how this was dirty politics plain and simple. And how The Times actually supported May-so of course they were were going to try to smear Leadsom. But we all heard the tape. Leadsome’s comments only confirmed to the British people that she was an amateur and hopelessly out of her depth.
  • Monday 11 July-Leadsom pulled out of the race-and said she had apologised to May. But did May promise Leadsom a place in her cabinet? I seriously doubt it.
  • So essentially, with Leadsom gone, May was at the helm. Which was great as we did not have to go through a long drawn out race for  leader of the Conservative Party/new PM.
  • Outgoing PM David Cameron announced that he would be handing over the reigns to May on Wednesday. Wow. So soon. Golly. So, Today 12 July-Cameron will have his last cabinet meeting. On Wednesday he will be doing his last PMQ’s (Prime Minister Questions).
  • By Thursday an aide of Theresa May will be measuring new curtains for Number 10-the residency of the Prime Minister.
  • As for the Labour party-Jeremy Corbyn is still holding on. Barely. So stubborn. He will not go. More than half of his cabinet has resigned. Uggh…just go already. Let someone else lead the Labour Party, mate. Here is Jermey Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party pictured below:

So yeah-a lot has happened. So now we wait to see who Theresa May, our new PM, picks to be in her cabinet. Boris? Gove? The Chancellor-George Osborne? No. Just no. I did hear that Osborne was in talks with May, and she had considered him for a Chancellor role, for a New York minute, but then, Osborne said that if he were to continue as Chancellor, under May, he wanted to bring along his new abacus (a simple device for calculating-consisting of a frame with rows of wires/grooves along which beads are slid). Well, as soon as May heard that the Chancellor had intended to bring and acutally use his new abacus-she decided that he would NOT be in her cabinet. And that is a true story, my friends. More or less.





  1. waternymph88 · July 12, 2016

    So…you told us you weren’t going to write on this topic. So glad you did! Great post xxx

    • samdfb1 · July 12, 2016

      Right? I totally dropped the ball and ended up writing a post on politics. Besides-i got tired tearing down Taylor Swift. Us girls should support each other. Liked your hydrangea picture yesterday. Hope you are well. Thanks for the read. 😉 xxx

  2. Phil Taylor · July 12, 2016

    Wait! They’re making NEW abacuses? Or is it abaci? I was kind of rooting for Boris since he’s a native New Yorker, and truth be told, I’m a little disappointed that nobody considered me for PM. Sam, thanks for the whole run down. It was hilarious!

    • samdfb1 · July 12, 2016

      Yes! Check out Amazon for an amazing abacus Phil. Lol. Well -we all were kind if rooting for Boris-he says what he likes, albeit politely and never combs his hair. Lets face it-the guy is lovable. You dont know Courtney Stodden? Consider yourself lucky, mate. Ahh glad you liked the post. BTW…you would have made a great PM Phil!

  3. Laura (PA Pict) · July 12, 2016

    One word describes the state of UK politics at the moment: chaos.

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