Sport in England (10 July 2016)

Hello and hi. When I was growing up on the Eastern seaboard (the Eastern seaboard refers to the easternmost part of a continent, or its countries states or cities-in this context, I am referring to the East Coast of the United States) I played field hockey and lacrosse. Oh and there were ballet lessons too, I have performed my fair share of arabesques and coupe jete’s oh and dont forget the chasse’s not to mention the sore feet and blood blisters I acquired from wearing pointe shoes. I think you get the point. Funnily enough, while I displayed a modicum amount of grace while at the barre (a horizontal bar at waist level on which a ballet dancer will rest his/her hand for support as certains steps are performed) this was NOT the case in life, outside ballet. So clumsy, me. It is a wonder that I did not spend my childhood and adolescence in a full body cast. For real. So, in brief-I like sports and am fiercely competitive. You DO NOT want to play a game of scrabble with me. Trust me on that one.

Here in the UK, we are a sporting nation very much like the US. British people from all walks of life play and enjoy watching:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Bowls (pictured above)
  • Croquet (yes, really. I mean…why?)
  • Horserideing
  • Tennis
  • Badminton (Yawn)
  • Swimming and probably some other sports I forgot to mention…mea culpa.

Today-Sunday 10 July, there is an enormous amount of sport on the telly. Hurrah! I will be watching Andy Murray hopefully win Wimbledon (let’s hope his wife does not blurt out any expletivives like she did last year at the Australian Open. Honestly, Kim!)

But Kim, is human like the rest of us….she redeemed herself the next day by wearing this shirt, pictured below:

What can I say? Pretty girl but total potty mouth. I mean, would she kiss her mother with that mouth? I certainly hope not. As for me, I never swear. Ahh…look, there goes a unicorn!

Later today, our Lewis Hamilton will be driving/racing at the British Grand Prix. I used to like him but he has grown far too arrogant for my liking. Yup. Here he is below. Sorry (not sorry) but is that not the most arrogant smirk you ever did see? I think it is.

Oh and he used to date Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls-but they broke up because she wanted kids and he did not.Well, that’s what I heard anyway.

Then in the evening, we have the Euro 2016 final with Portugal v France. Ahh such a shame Wales did not make to the finals-but they did really well.Yeah.  So yup, there is a lot of sport on telly today…sorry Netflix. Post Euro 2016, the cricket season will commence. They do call cricket ‘the sport of Kings’ that may be true but it is the sport of those who are quite happy to watch a game being played for 35 hours straight…and I am not even joking. But it is jolly good fun to watch.





#TeamPortugal #WhyIsRonaldoSoArrogant?



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