Marvelous (Andy) Murray

Murray was beaming with delight as he lifted the golden trophy while the crowd erupted with joy all around him on Centre Court 

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to our Andy Murray! Murray won his second Wimbledon title in straight sets. Murray punched the air in sheer delight and then was overcome with emotion as he sobbed uncontrollably into the palms of his hands. Truth be told, I would have cried too. It is entirely possible that I have said some unkind things about Murray in the past. I may have even described him as a ‘surly Scot’ but you know what-it was the truth and later, a Scottish person actually agreed with me. But since Murray got married and procreated with long-time girlfriend, now wife, Kim Sears-Murray seems more focussed, determined and yes…even nicer. There is not a trace of surly about that boy.

Murray beat Milos Raonic in straight sets. Raonic is a Canadian professional player and was born in Montenegro.  Prompted by the political unrest in the Balkans and seeking more professional opportunities-he and his family moved to Canada in 1994, when he was just 3 years old. His parents are both engineers (his Pa has a Ph.D in electrical engineering and his Mum has degrees in mechanical and computer engineering). Raonic is known for having a pretty fast serve-I mean, who on earth serves at 140mph? Raonic, that’s who. Congrats to you Raonic-you played well, mate. Eh. Oh and well done for beating Roger Federer earlier in the tournament. Here is Raonic pictured below:

Now for the REAL news. So, ALL the major celebs were at Wimbledon watching Murray win, including our Kate, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge. And our outgoing Prime Minister was there with his Mum…aww-cute! Some pictures now. Enjoy.

Here is Murray’s wife, Kim Sears. That dress though. Nope. Hideous. A gold lace dress by Jenny Packman at 1K. Nope. When I first saw that dress, I thought to myself: BigBird got tickets to Wimbledon? And that is a true story. That thought actually went through my brain.

Kim Murray celebrates her husband winning a second set tie-break

Our Kate looked pretty glam and was wearing a frock by Alexander McQueen. She looked delighted to be sitting in the Royal Box. Perks of the job, I guess. Anyway, that frock cost £1325. What on earth?

The Duchess of Cambridge, centre, and Prince William, left, looked delighted to be watching the match from the Royal Box alongside London Mayor Sadiq Khan, centre

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was there as well, that’s him doing a double fist pump in the air. Err…if he is London Mayor and he is watching Wimbledon, well then, who is actually running the city of London? Good grief. Perhaps he should have watched it on the telly like the rest of us.

Kate was overjoyed when Murray won the second set, with Prince William and Mr Khan both bursting into their own celebrations

I must admit, Kate’s dress is NICE though…

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, pictured, caused a stir around the ground as they made their way to the seats

The PrimeMinister took his Mum. What a good son. Indeed, he is.

Mr Cameron, left, took his mother Mary, right, to the event, with his time as Prime Minister set to end later this year

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon was there with her husband. Am guessing she was supporting Murray as he is Scottish. Just a guess though.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, left, was also at Wimbledon to cheer on her fellow countryman with husband Peter Murell, right

Bendict Cumberbatch was there with his wife, Sophie. They both look  and dress terribly British which is a good thing, in my opinion.

Benedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophie Hunter

And that is ME under the black umbrella. Just kidding. I didn’t attend but rather watched Wimbledon on the telly.

The familiar Wimbledon sight of opened umbrellas, pictured, was on show again as the heavens opened this morning

Many in Murray’s hometown of Dunblane, Scotland supported Murray as they donned face masks of him. Err…that is enough to give anyone a fright. Look away. Look away now.

Many in Murray's hometown of Dunblane, Scotland, got in the spirit of the occasion by donning facemasks of the Wimbledon favourite, pictured in the Dunblane Centre

Congratulations to Andy Murray. Well done, old chap. Respect.



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